Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's Start

This is for me as a way of motivation. I don't like to tell people I'm "trying to lose weight" because whenever I hear those words from someone else my first thought is always, hmmm... I wonder how long that will last? I also am secretly jealous when they do lose weight and happy when they gain it all back. So, I'm keeping my new plan quiet except for all you interneters who happen upon this little blog o' mine. So SHHhhhhh, it's a secret between you and me.

My goal is to lose weight. No doubt about it. I'm tired of feeling gross and disgusted with myself. I don't want to run into people that know me because I'm embarrassed at how I look. I don't want to go to certain places and do certain things for that same reason. It's a sad way to exist in this world and I'm really wanting to change.

So I'm starting now. In my head, I've been thinking about this a long time. But now, I'm ready for my challenge so wish me luck!