Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting Lighter 2 Ways

For some reason today I have that song in my head that goes "da, da, da, da, hey he-ey good-bye. da, da, da, da, ...da, da, da, da, hey he-ey good-bye." I stepped on the scale today 10 pounds lighter than 4 weeks ago, when I started this thing of mine. 10 pounds folks! yipee! can you see me doing my happy dance? I was thrilled. I knew I was getting pretty close to that 10 pound mark, and I haven't weighed myself in a few days so this morning I thought I'd give it a whirl and low and behold, ta da!...the scale read 10 pounds lighter.

Seeing that lower number has giving me a bit of a boost of confidence to know that I can lose weight. Yes, this new life is a big change. Yes, it's hard at time. Yes, it's frustrating. Yes, it's going to be a slow process. Yes, I know this is the easiest 10 pounds I'm going to lose, but yes, I can do this.

I also figured that shedding my first 10, would bring a smile on my face so, as my "reward" I started using these today. I saw a picture of myself taken a couple of weeks ago and the first thing I noticed, was my yellow teeth. Seriously, yellow. When did I have time to do that? They were so discolored I even tried, (unsuccessfully) to photoshop them before I posted it to my Kodak Gallery account. So there in that account, embarrassing as it is, is a great picture of TLM and me with my mouthful of yellow.

I know I'm going to be sounding like a dreaded infomercial testimonial but today was day one, and really I think I can see a difference. Really. Truly. They are super easy to use, easy to put on and possibly the best thing about using the strips is it only takes 5 minutes a day. I mean really, who can't manage 5 minutes a day? And.. you can do stuff while your teeth are magically turning from yellow to white. I figure, I'll put them in right before my shower and when I'm in there, I can just take them out, no muss, no fuss. vio-la! I'll post a before and after picture for ya'll when I get through.

And, no this had not been a paid presentation but I am Big Girl and I approve this product.


40 by 40 said...

You must run..not walk to the HYC home page and get yourself 10lbs gone badge!!!! That is incredible! Congrats!! Good to know about the white strips..I'd rather hear it from someone like you ..then a commercial. Enjoy the white teeth and smaller you!

susan said...

Great Job Big Girl on the 10 pounds. Keep it up!