Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Hot in Here

I live in a town where there's lots of famous Hollywood people. The only other thing I have in common with all those famous Hollywood people, besides this pretty little city we share is, I don't like hot weather. That's why I live here. My skin is like .00004 millimeters thick and I don't think that's much separating my insides from the outside. Because of this thin-skinnedness, I have to live in a climate that ranges between 68 to 73 degrees 94% of the year or I may just freeze standing up or melt like that mean witch in Wizard of Oz, and that wouldn't be fun. If it's not in that narrow range of temperatures I become very very cranky and very very miserable.

See that? That my friends, was the temperature inside our house at 7:36 last night, and for me, that has too many eights in it.

It was hot.

Too hot.

As in like, don't touch me hot.

I feel like such a pig when it's hot like this and kinda wonder at what temperature does it have to be to have my body fat just melt off? A house that's 88 degrees seems like it should do the trick.


Alli said...

WOw that place sounds like heaven as far as weather is concerned. May I ask where it is? I have been searing for a place that stays that temp. haha. Here we get upper 80's 90's 100's omg... talk about sweltering.

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I am new to your blog...I found you through Alli....

It is hot in Arkansas too! 90 degrees in the day....
Ugh, summer is already here.

We finally turned out air on yesterday. It was 80 degrees in our house and we were dying.

Lora said...

Wow - that is too many 8's for me too! I can't stand heat & humidity (but I hate snow worse!)

Good for you - getting into the blogosphere and gaining support.
It really does help - to journey with others who are on the same road. Good luck to you!

Thinking Thin said...

I am in Florida. I feel your pain. The heat sucks. I like 70 degrees. I rarely get it. I have had my air on for a couple of months now...*sigh