Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can We Talk About Me for a Sec?

100 Things About Me:

In no particular order

1. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA
2. I still live there
3. I've also lived in England, San Francisco and Hawaii
4. I've traveled to over 12 countries
5. My favorite country I visited was Italy
6. The first car I ever drove was a red VW bug
7. The last car I drove before I had to have a car seat in the back was a green VW Beetle
8. I now drive a Ford Escape
9. My favorite color is Sage Green
10. My Escape is green, but not sage
11. I met my husband when I was 38
12. I got married at 39
13. I had our daughter at 40
14. I didn't drink at my 40th birthday party because I was knocked up
15. I'm very crafty
16. I make most of my own jewelry
17. I'm learning how to sew
18. My mom just gave me her sewing machine
19. I'm very close to my mom
20. My brother and I haven't spoken in a long time
21. My brother lives 5 minutes from me
22. My sister in law really dislikes me
23. It bothers me that we don't get a long
24. There were 7 guests at our wedding
25. I got married on the beach, in Hawaii
26. I had bare feet during the ceremony
27. My dad lives 7 miles away from me
28. My parents are divorced
29. I love to cook
30. I love to bake
31. I don't have a specialty
32. I'll try cooking or baking anything, at least once
33. I rarely follow the recipes
34. I don't like to read directions
35. I like to figure things out on my own
36. I've been at this same job for over 10 years
37. My dream job would be to run a bed and breakfast with The Husband
38. I want to live where I have a lot of land around
39. I live in a 3 bedroom house
40. Our house is filled with kids most afternoons
41. I love having friends over
42. I've walked a marathon once
43. I'm not sure if I ever want to do that again
44. I've done the Breast Cancer 3 day walk, 4 times
45. My mom and I did it together one year
46. My favorite form of exercise is walking
47. I love walking around the neighborhoods and looking at houses
48. I like to garden
49. I have a summer garden with tomatoes, squash, peppers and herbs
50. I have lots of acquaintances
51. I have just a small handful of very good friends
52. My best friend has the same name as me
53. I met a gal once who was dating a man with the same first and last name of The Husband
54. It wasn't The Husband
55. I'm glad I waited until I was older to get married
56. If I hadn't, I would have gotten divorced by now
57. The Husband as had a "practice wife"
58. Most of the time I don't think about that
59. I think we're a good couple
60. I eat hummus almost every day
61. I love sushi
62. I especially love good wasabi
63. Hearing my daughter laugh is a sound I'll never get tired of
64. Hearing her whine is a sound I don't like hearing
65. I don't like clowns, the circus or carnivals
66. Circus performers and carnies are scary
67. Being in big crowds isn't for me
68. Being in bumper to bumper traffic makes me crazy
69. I have my hair colored
70. I'm too scared to do it myself
71. I rarely get my hair cut
72. I need to get my hair cut badly
73. Being super critical of myself is something that I wish I wasn't
74. I wear glasses to see distances
75. I love the smell of lavender
76. One of my favorite books is Jayber Crow
77. I've been in the same book club for 10 years
78. I was one of the founding members of the group
79. I don't read as much as I use to
80. I read every night before I go to sleep
81. I love naps
82. I'm not a good sleeper and wake up every night at least once
83. It takes me a long time to fall back asleep
84. I read a lot in the middle of the night when I can't sleep
85. I sleep with 4 pillows
86. I take my favorite pillow on trips with me
87. Snooze buttons make me want to scream
89. I like to sleep with at least one open window
90. I have a good life
91. I'm proud of the person I am
92. I think there's still a lot of life in me and things to do
94. I'm an optimist
95. I like the word love and don't like the word hate
96. Reading beauty magazines makes me feel ugly
97. I'm thankful to those who went before me
98. Those people made my life better
99. I wish my grandmothers were still alive. I never got to know them as an adult.
100. I applaud you if you made it through this list


Sarah P said...

i loved this post...i felt like i got to know you a 'little' bit more ;)
thanks for sharing 100 things.

Sagan Morrow said...

Very enlightening; thanks for sharing! I heart the walking too. Also it is, as always, so nice to hear people saying that they're proud of themselves.

Allison said...

I loved that list. Very fun to read. I wish my grandparents were still alive, and I wish the one that is still alive wasn't senile.

Anonymous said...

Loving 11, 12 and 13 -- so there's hope for me of meeting a man at 40 years old then?

Also loving:

"53. I met a gal once who was dating a man with the same first and last name of The Husband
54. It wasn't The Husband"


Sad to hear you are not close to your brother and sister-in-law. I'm not really close to mine, but we do live 100 miles away .... I think I would try to make more effort if we only lived 5 mins away.

Best wishes,

Manuela said...

Very cool list.

I went to Italy 2 years ago and LOVED IT!!!!

Good luck with finishing any outstanding projects in your life.

Lora said...

Very nice snippets of your life - you sound like someone I'd like to meet!

Alli said...

I made it through!! Thanks for sharing!! We have alot in common! I may do one of these in the future.

Gayla said...

Thanks for sharing. I love reading random things about people. Helps me get to know them. I am going to steal your idea. Hopefully I will post it soon.