Monday, June 30, 2008

Meals and Wheels

I've been trying to do a lot more menu planning in our house. So far it's been making a difference and it seems I'm reaping a lot of benefits from it. Every weekend, I make a list of the dinner options for the week. Then everyday I choose one which saves me from the dreaded question, "what should I make for dinner?" It also makes going to the market a much more organized and a less expensive affair. I have my list of things I'll need for the week and that's what I get. No more meandering about looking at things and throwing them in the cart and then never eating them once it makes it to my kitchen cabinet. Everything I buy will be used. Another benefit is it helps me in eating a little bit better. When I don't have something planned we usually fall back on ordering a pizza or getting take out from someplace near by. Whatever it happens to be, it's just easy and quick and not necessarily good for me.

We're heading out of town for the 4th of July weekend so my list this week is a little abbreviated but this is what's cookin' at my house for the next few days: Which one should I have tonight?

Orzo w/ spinach and shrimp and a green salad
BBQ pork loin and grilled zucchini from the garden
Teriyaki chicken with stir fry
Fish and grilled veggie tacos


Get your wheels going, tomorrow is the beginning of the month long, Big Girl Big Step Challenge.

A big welcome to our latest walker, DadivaSteet!

Don't be left out, it's not too late too late to join in on all this nonsense. Just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'll get you on the list.

I have a feeling July is going to be very good month.


Allison said...

I vote for the teriyaki chicken for tonight, but that's because I haven't had teriyaki chicken in a while and it sounds yummy. :)
On another note, could you please post the rules and synopsis of your challenge, maybe tomorrow as it's the first day of the challenge? I want to make sure I'm doing it right. Yours is the first challenge I've committed to!

Alli said...

I vote for the orzo with shrimp and spinach omg sounds awesome.
We are eating out of the freezer this week as well. I did go tot he store this weekend but we are alos going out of town for the 4th and I didnt want to have a bunch of stuff sitting around =(. Where ya headed for the holiday!?

ptg said...

Oh my, all of them sound wonderful! I vote for teriyaki chicken as well...sounds scrumptious!

As for the challenge - I would love to join! I'll get my pedometer ready for the challenge!

It's also my first challenge that I'm committing to - do you want our step totals each day, or just the one at the end of the month that was the greatest?

Sagan Morrow said...

That sounds so good. I've never had orzo before, I don't think- is it tasty?

Christine said...

I vote not only for the teriyaki chicken but that you post all these recipes (starting with that one)


40 by 40 said...

I love the positive attitude you have going..and yes..July will be a great month. I have my pedometer on and I"M READY TO WALK! Good for you for getting the walking in and for the meal's so great that you are really making such positive changes! YAY for you! {{hugs}}

Manuela said...

I think that planning is so important. It makes it hard to deviate when you know what you'll be having at mealtime.

I hope you have a fantastic July 4th and enjoy wherever you'll be!