Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Back and Ready

I'm back from spending the long holiday weekend in San Francisco and back to reality. There was so much happening last week, I was beginning to feel a bit frayed and off kilter. I've got a little bit of rejuvenation going on and can only hope it lasts longer than a few hours. It often seems as though I get back into the office and right away start getting that sinking feeling in my gut this is not where I want to be and I feel the stress and anxiety of being back in the grind. Not a healthy thing, at all.

We left Thursday after work with the fire raging. There were a few moments where I was feeling a uneasy about leaving, but I packed our passports and some important documents into the car and figured that is what I would take if we were one of the 1700 or so homes asked to evacuate. As it turned out, no homes were burned, the fire took a turn away from the city and the weather cooled a bit, helping all the firefighting efforts. It's a big sigh of relief. Now we just have the ash and poor air quality to deal with but that's really nothing compared to standing in your driveway seeing the flames of a fire heading in your direction.

So, here it is Monday. Augh. I hate Mondays. I especially hated it this morning when the alarm rang at 5:30am. That just seems so unnatural to me to be jolted awake by a screeching noise. Really, that can't be good for you. I need to refocus this week and get the groove back in July, so this is what I'm working on.

Water - drink lots
Wine - drink less
Food - eat smaller portions
Exercise - take as many lunch time walks as possible and incorporate longer walks on the weekend
100 Push-Up Challenge - I know this has been raging through the blog world but Manuela's post last week roped me in. I figure, I can find the time for this and really, it can't hurt can it?

Speaking of challenges, remember I'm hosting as part of the Scale Junkie's Summer Blog Party and I've got the Big Girl Big Step Challenge happening right now. I hope all you lovely ladies who have signed up are walking up a storm and finding that little pedometer really makes a difference. It's not to late to get into the action and be a part of what's happening over here so let me know if you want in. If there's interest from the participants to know what people's biggest step count is at this point, let me know and I'll put it out there for everyone.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and let's make this a good week, I'm ready are you?


Allison said...

I vote for hearing everybody's step count. I want to know if I'm doing good or bad! Although, regardless of how I'm doing, this challenge is really motivating me. I'm on day 4 of getting up early and walking 1.4 miles before breakfast. Thank you!

workout mommy said...

yes, I am ready too! and welcome to the push up challenge. It really has made a difference for me----I am not sure if I will ever get to 100, but I am moving in the right direction!

thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. :)

MizFit said...

I love that youve been roped in...although that said my pushing upward hath grown slower and slower...


Alli said...

Definitely ready for a GOOD week!!!
So glad you had a nice relaxing weekend-- its amazing how just one extra day can make a huge difference you know?

Well I am off to the gym with my pedometer!!!

Christine said...

I'm glad the fire seems to be more under control - and I hope you enjoyed San Francisco!

I'm going to have a good week for sure - I haven't had a full week of being good for a while and I'm sick of my lack of consistency!

40 by 40 said...

I"M READY---------as I often hear spongebob saying in the family room as the kids are watching. Another week is here..another pep talk..hopefully this will be the week that makes a difference. I am glad you made it through the horrible week last much yucky stuff..glad it's over! Hope your little getaway and the prospect of a new fresh week are putting you at ease. Great job on the 23lbs! YAY. Finding that pedometer and WEARING it this week!
Thanks for the motivation.

Manuela said...

I'm so glad that you and your family are safe. I'm always amazed when I see pictures of those fires!

And congrats on getting into the challenge. I had no idea I was that good with a rope ;) The way I see is that every little bit counts. It doesn't matter how you do them or how many just so long as you're doing something!

BTW, I'm sore and I'll be trying the modified ones on Wednesday!

Ready to Shrink said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear that the fire has calmed and that you all are doing okay. :)

I hear you about returning back to work and feeling the stress. I wish I didn't know exactly what you are talking about...but I do.

Sarah P said...

I am glad your house was OK.... what a huge sigh of relief...

WTG for getting back on track... I am working HARD to joining you!