Monday, July 14, 2008

5 and 2

Monday again. Augh. Weekends are too short and my work weeks seem too long. I really need to have a little chat with the person who came up with the work 5 days to get 2 days off deal. I mean come on, what were they thinking? Apparently, they weren't.

The weekend was full of the same kind of nonsense they always are which means, trying to find ways to entertain The Little Miss, grocery shopping and they typical plethora of never ending household chores. It also means tip toeing around the landmines of ways to blow it by eating and drinking too much.

Monday through Friday I'm pretty much on cruise control. I sit in my little prison cell, I mean cubicle at work, I have my glass of ice water with a straw which I religiously sip on all day. I have a snack at about 10a, go for my walk at 11:45 and am back at my desk eating my 1/2 sandwich with no mayo and extra Dijon, on whole wheat by 1pm. I snack when I get home at 4pm and dinner is around 7pm, when The Husband gets home. It's easy for me to be in that routine and easy to stay the course.

Weekends however are different. I usually make 3 meals a day for the family, with breakfast on Sundays being a big deal. For example, this week it was banana pancakes, eggs and bacon. Oh so delish! I had a little of everything, small portions, but still, it's there. Then I graze, and peruse the cabinets for snacks. I look in the fridge, I forage through the pantry, and sometimes there's no end to the places I'll look for something. Luckily, I'm not stupid enough to keep cookies and sweet treats in the house but, regardless, I still hunt for something to satisfy me and usually will settle for something to put in my mouth. When that doesn't hit the spot, I start the hunting routine all over.

There's also the social obligations of the weekend. We usually try and have someone over for dinner on the weekend or go out one night. Yesterday we went out with another couple while The Little Miss and their Monkeys stayed at home with the babysitter. In other words, a drink and eat fest with other adults and no kids. In my world, that's HUGE and a cause for celebration! I usually manage to order something sensible but I probably had one or two extra drinks while the boys finished up their game of pool.

I also drink much less water on the weekends. I start out with good intentions and have a glass or bottle of water with me but I set it down and move on, forgetting to get back to it until hours have passed. In all, my water consumption is probably down 90% on the weekends.

It all adds up and by Sunday night, I'm usually not feeling great and want to get back to my weekday eating routine. I try and stay busy on the weekends so I don't end up eating too many calories, it's also my big days to get in long walks so that's a positive but in the end, I'm kinda ready for the weekday routine where I don't have to think about my food thing so much. I feel I've got a good routine in and I like not having to worry about it.

Now, I just need to reign in the weekends and find some good solutions on how to keep things under control. Regardless on how much I struggle on the weekend eating wise, I'm still not giving up those 2 days because, damn it, I've but in my 5 days and I deserve them.

Hope you all had a great weekend and here we go again. Happy Monday.


Mark Salinas said...

Nice post...Monday is here and it is time to for me to keep moving forward. :)

Sagan Morrow said...

Can I come over to your place next Sunday for breakfast? :)

Alli said...

It must have been some sadistic workaholic person who came up with that =( . haha.
I find that if I have a busy weekend I am much more on plan and when I have a low key weekend I am not... like this weekend. Its so hard when you are at home with the food you know?
I am with Sagan, when are you cooking me some breakfast!!! haha

themarlatts said...

Ohhh, a night out without the kids - sounds fantastic! We try to plan that once a month - and we also end up over-eating and over-drinking every time. You don't realize how much you actually get to eat when nobody is pulling on your sleeve!

Kate said...

weekends are rough for me too. I just don't know what to do with myself when the pool and gym are closed! I can't wait until fall and the environmental programs start up again!

Deb said...

Getting out of a routine can definitely make it hard to stay on track, but how great is it that you are able to get right back on track Monday morning? That is no small feat. Many people have a hard time getting back on once they have fallen off.

Ready to Shrink said...

Eating wise...we are totally on the same track. I am the same all week as well with giant lapses in judgement and my plan on the weekend. Water consumption is also the same. It just doesn't happen Saturday and Sunday. :(

MizFit said...

I have no great suggestions here either.

I keep my 5 really clean so that the 2 (fraught with fun foods and family time) dont matter as much.

but Im still no ones role model ;)


Heather said...

weekends are definitely a challenge! during the week we have so much structure and a routine, but weekends are a time to relax and let loose, which usually means no routine and then we start to lax in our healthy habits. I try to find a "weekend" routine where I can combine that relaxation with healthy habits. I eat the same "healthy" breakfast every saturday and get in my pilates session every sat morning no matter what! its hard to do sometimes but I made it a routine and now it has stuck.

Tony said...

It seems like every weekend I throw eating healthy out of the window so I can enjoy my pint of Ben and Jerry's. Ice cream is good until you realize you have to walk 3-4 hours to burn off the calories you just inhaled.