Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lucky, Lucky Me

I am lucky. I spent the weekend, a blissful relaxing weekend, in San Francisco. I hit the road Friday after work and got to The City just in time to catch the last of the debate on Friday night. I stayed at my friend's vacation home overlooking Union Square, with views of The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Alone. Solo. Just me. It was heaven.

Before I met The Husband, 4 and a 1/2 years ago, and before The Little Miss, I did a lot of solo traveling. I've done many trips by myself and I love the solitude, the adventure of it and the freedom of moving about this world by myself. It excites me. So far, I've never found myself bored or lonely. I've met so many interesting people and struck up lots of conversations with people I would have never talked to if I had been with a traveling companion. Friendships are forged and I have been brought into many groups of fellow travelers, because I was out on my own.

This weekend reminded me of those more carefree time. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. There was no one to consult with, no one to coordinate with and no one else I had to please, but me. It felt so decadent and indulgent to give up all my responsibilities for the weekend and pretend I was without a care in the world.

No waking up to a child crying in the other room, no laundry, no meals to cook, no cares. I slept uninterrupted, I shopped, I read uninterrupted, I went to art museums, I ate wonderful food and I soaked up the vitality of city life.

The Husband still encourages me to take these trips. He loves having his time with The Little Miss and loves his time alone as well. He loves he can go to the market and get a pumpkin pie and cool whip, he loves he can pack a lunch for The Little Miss that has the "big" cookies in it and loves he can have Buffalo Wings and pizza for dinner. It's his way to have his freedom in this world and the arrangement works for me.

Today, I am energized. I am more patient with The Little Miss. I'm more in love with The Husband because he understands my need for solitude and more in love with myself for not loosing who I am in the transformation of my life over the last few years.


Fab Kate said...

((sigh)) I think I could use a few days in San Fran alone... there is so much there I want to see, but when I go I'm always in a hurry and always with a half dozen family members.

MizFit said...

that last paragraph spoke to me.

I think I need to take some time away to return to my Tornado rejuvenated (I havent get. she's almost3. I know.. I know...).

it's hard as my husband travels a lot m-f so on the weekend I wanna be with him and he wants to be with here and...

but I need to follow your lead as I know my husband would be as generous as yours,

we're lucky.

Sagan said...

That's great!

I also love traveling by myself. There's something so special about it- that you can't experience when there's other people traveling with you.

And I think taking trips away really strengthens relationships between people, too!

kathyj333 said...

I'm envious.

Hanlie said...

I'm with you on this one! We do need time away by ourselves once in a while.