Monday, October 6, 2008

Here's What I Got

The weekend has come and gone. Why they go so quickly still boggles my mind. Here's what I got on tap this week.

I was trying to lay out some weekly goals and it seems like they are always the same ol' boring things, but they seem to be working ok so I'm sticking with it.

1. Drink lots o' water
2. Get to the gym (or get some form of exercise) at the minimum 4 times
3. Eat healthy
4. Eat small portions
5. Have fun

I have also flirted with menu planning which, when I do it and stick with it, it's the best thing ever. When I do menu plans and don't stick with it, it sucks. So in an effort to do some menus for the week, I'm throwing these out there for options and we'll see what happens.

1. Grilled sage rubbed pork loin, potatoes and veggies
2. Asian steamed fish, coconut rice and veggies
3. Some sort of pasta with tuna and capers... don't know why but I've totally been craving this lately. Weird.
4. Hamburgers/hot dogs

I only need to do 4 dinners this week since tonight I'm going to a concert with a friend's husband. My friend didn't want to go and The Husband (my husband) didn't either so, we're spouse swapping for the night. Should be fun, especially since the husband I'm going with is super dang hot. And no, we're not really "swapping," but I am going to a concert with a really hot guy that's not The Husband but is a husband to a friend.

Then on Friday, The (real) Husband, who is also pretty dang hot, The Little Miss and I are heading to a beach house with another family for the weekend. We'll let the monkeys run wild and completely wipe themselves out and we'll get drunk every night. I can't wait. It's a good thing.


Susie said...

WOW- I just got caught up--28lbs--I am so very happy for you!!! WOW...You are a superstar. Enjoy it...and I hope some of your super-ness is contagious.
Have a fun time at the concert..what are you seeing?

MizFit said...

I so wanna be your friend in real life :)

but back to you.

love the goals and number 5 would be my number one...what *I* would need to do 1-4!

Alli said...

That is so cute about the husband swap thing. I think you will have a blast at the concert! Sorry I have been awol lately I am trying to get back to my routine of daily blog commenting. I have been reading though!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, have a drink for me! Oh, heck, have two! Menus sound yummy! Enjoy your weekend!