Friday, October 31, 2008

Only A Few Days Left

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone exercised their constitutional right and voted? There are people in this world who live in places where they don't have a choice. There are people who have died for the cause of voting rights. We have mothers and grandmothers who didn't have the opportunity to vote, simply because of their gender. We have the right, it's our turn to speak up and be heard. Please, go vote.


Aleta said...

I'll be the one voting on Tuesday. I like to make it last. Lol.

MizFit said...


I met a woman yesterday RANDOMLY who started this:

check it out if you have a moment. she was BEYOND COOL and whipped off her 'woman who never had the right to vote' dogtag and gave it to me on the spot and I think took that woman, in spirit, with ME TO VOTE!


Sagan said...

Funny video. Love the "I was in a boy band" bit. Hehe.

Wish I could vote in the US election!

Missicat said...

I am definitely going to be there early Tues a.m.!! This is something I do NOT take lightly.