Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Timing Was Good

Starting "Time to Re-Commit version 2.0" yesterday was perfect. It couldn't have come at a more perfect moment and sometimes timing is everything. Every other week we get together with The Husband's family, his 3 aunts, 1 uncle, 2 cousins and their family, his mom and other miscellaneous stray family members for a "Family Night" dinner. The meals there are far from anything that may resemble healthy. Veggies? what? Salads are Iceberg Lettuce, with bacon bits, grated cheese, croutons and blue tree dressing. Highly processed foods, meats and starches are high on the list. I cringe when it's Family Night.

Last night was Family Night, we were celebrating a cousin's 2nd birthday and what was on the menu last night? Every 2 year olds favorite, Mac 'n Cheese. This was not your regular mac 'n cheese but the homemade ultra cheesy, ultra creamy variety. To top it off, it is layered with whole strips of bacon and put in the oven to bake or rather put in the oven so the bacon grease can drip its way through the cheesy creamy pasta. And the only side dish last night, baked potatoes.

I did the best I could under the circumstances and called it good. It was just another reminder of how not to eat and that we, for Family Night, can and should do better than that and personally, I want to do better.


Aleta said...

It's never easy when you have family and friends and food. It's that comfort food and around comfortable people... I'd bring a salad next time or a sugar or fat free desert and see how they handle the change?

MizFit said...

not to be too optimistic BUT this:
I did the best I could under the circumstances

thats what will make you successful for life I think!
doing the best you can given the circumstances and doing BETTER when the circumstances are in your control.

xo xo,


Cammy said...

It's not a total waste. There's some nutritional value in the potatoes and in the cheese and in the...well, that's it. :)

You can only work with what you're given. Besides, it was Family Night. That trumps everything!

Sagan said...

Great thoughts- echoing MizFit. And it was REAL food, at least, right? None of these chemical processed things:)