Tuesday, December 30, 2008

75 Things

Here's 75 things about my 2008, in no particular order

1. I lost weight
2. I kept most of it
3. I officially moved from my early 40’s to my mid-40’s.
4. I don’t feel as old as the number
5. I still feel like I’m in my early 30’s
6. I (voluntarily) went part time
7. I like my job better now
8. I feel more sane
9. The Little Miss started pre-school
10. I am a crafting dork
11. I started teaching myself to sew
12. I also make jewelry
13. And knit
14. I made stockings for the family this year
15. I didn’t finish mine
16. It will be done before next Christmas
17. I started walking a lot for exercise
18. I really enjoy being outside
19. I hate pushing a stroller when I walk
20. I found $100 bill on one of my walks
21. I go someplace new every year
22. I went to Zihuatanejo
23. I read over 25 books this year, not including children’s books
24. I can’t remember which one I liked the best
25. I started this blog
26. I feel pressure to post more often
27. I feel as though I’ve made a lot of friends on line
28. The Husband still doesn’t know I have a blog
29. I’m to chicken to post my picture
30. We had a bumper crop of peaches this year
31. I learned how to make jam
32. I have a new best friend
33. We have lots of fun together
34. Our kids love each other
35. Her older daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy
36. The Little Miss’ eczema has virtually gone away. (knock wood)
37. I’ve stayed healthy
38. The Husband has stayed healthy
39. My family situation still hasn’t changed much
40. I keep extending the olive branch to my brother
41. I started coloring my hair at home
42. I do my own pedi’s too
43. I still have someone come clean my house 2x a month
44. I feel like a spoiled Princess on the days they come
45. I started trading magazines with friends.
46. I now get to read a lot more of the for the same $ spent
47. I didn’t go to any weddings
48. I didn’t go to any funerals either
49. I went to San Francisco 4 times
50. And to Jackson Hole, twice
51. And to Las Vegas once
52. I flew with The Little Miss, solo.
53. I was glad it was a short flight
54. I took The Little Miss to her first ballet, The Nutcracker.
55. She wants to be a ballerina
56. The Little Miss learned how to ride a tricycle
57. She also learned how to jump
58. And say no, a lot.
59. I went to my first minor league baseball game
60. I pretty much stopped drinking Diet Coke
61. I don’t really miss it
62. I drink a lot more water
63. I still drink a lot of wine
64. I go to the farmers market more often
65. I started buying a lot more organic
66. It makes me mad that I have to pay more for it
67. I got a stronger prescription for glasses
68. I bought 2 new pairs at Costco
69. The Husband bought 2 pair also
70. I did not get a new hair style, although I cut my hair
71. I bought some clothes in smaller sizes
72. I was able to buy them, NOT at Lane Bryant
73. I got rid of my fat pants
74. Getting dressed is a lot more fun
75. I feel like I’m in a much better place than I was a year ago today.


Hanlie said...

All in all a good year, I'd say! Hope your success continues in 2009!

tisha85 said...

What a great list for 2008! I can relate to many of them, 4, 63.

MizFit said...

Im in awe.
of many things ON the list and the fact you got it together to DO the list!

Sagan said...

Wow lots has happened! #75 especially is awesome:) Happy New Year!

Cammy said...

What a great year! Sure, some bitter with the sweet, but all things considered, a blessed year.

Hope your 2009 is specTACular!

Susie said...

love the list--amazing that you went to no funerals!!!but i digress..so many positives..how nice to be in a better place this year!! Keep it up..you are inspiring...you gave up DIET COKE!??! WOW