Monday, April 6, 2009

Give Me a Chill Pill

I’m sensing in a few days from now, I’m going to be a complete trainwreck. Along with the normal day to day stuff that keeps us all too busy, here’s what’s on my calendar this week…

Z’s school party… make sure bring gift under $5
Little Miss swim lesson
Sign loan docs for refinance
Make ladybug cupcake for The Little Miss’ school party
Make blue cake with pink frosting and sprinkles for The Little Miss’ family party

The Little Miss’ 3rd birthday
Pack up above stated cupcakes
Pack up 5 “thank you” gifts for her friends at school
Get the house ready for the family party with above stated blue/pink cake
Cake and ice cream party at 6:30

Lunch with clients
Make a Target run for Easter things/birthday gift for The Nephew

Brush teeth and floss
Dentist appointment… I hate the dentist!
Dinner with The Husband’s family and celebrate The Little Miss’ birthday with them

The Nephew’s birthday party
Act civil and be nice to my sister in law, even when she pretends that I’m not there
Shop for Easter food fixin’s

Z’s park party
Start making food for Easter party
Make sure the yard is egg hunting ready

Easter at my house with 30 adults and 10 kids…
Bite the head off a chocolate bunny before I bite the head off my lovely MIL
Clean up
Pass out


Christina said...

You are one busy lady!! Good luck with the in-laws. I feel you on that one. I have my own as well. :) I love your blog by the way!!!

Tina said...

Sounds like you've got a lot going on! Hang in can do it!

Jules said...

You've got so much going on, but i hope you'll find time to enjoy some of it :) Sounds like it could be a lot of fun moments. :) It's too bad you'll have to deal with your in-laws this week as much as you will be, it's not easy and makes it hard to enjoy those moments.
I wish i could say i feel ya... but honestly, mine despise me (for marrying my hubby) so much they stay away from us. I geuss there's always a blessing there ;)

hang in there & Have fun!

Cammy said...

Uh-oh, this could be dangerous! I'll think energetic, yet calming thoughts for you while I'm expressing my gratitude that I don't have your schedule this week!

be strong!

H.K. said...

You will be one busy bee this week! And you will have 40 people in your house? You deserve to pass out after that!

Sagan said...

You can do it! Just think how happy you'll be in a week ;)

MaryFran said...

Good luck this week! Keep'll make it through!

Gigi said...

Oh my - toddlers and in-laws and chocolate so close together in the same week. Perhaps ask the dentist to wire jaw shut in anticipation of seeing MIL? Just a thought.

SeaShore said...

Wow! Good luck this week, especially on Sunday, yikes! Remember to breathe.