Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Bridal Rant

Keep rubbing salt in my wounds because it doesn’t really matter anymore. The wedding shower invitations went out last week. A week ago to be exact. I sent one to her because I thought she’d like to see them. And, I sent one to her because I think they are cute and wanted to hear to say something like, “oh, I love the invitations.” I wanted some acknowledgement. Something that might seem like a bit of appreciation. Did I hear back from her on that? No. Nothing. Disappointed? Yes, a lot. Surprised? No.

Silence about the shower, but I did get an email with a link to these $75 pair of shoes that aren't even that cute, she is suggesting and an email to all the bridesmaids about the hair and make-up she is wanting us to pay for. Seriously?

So for now, all I have to say is F-you bride.

I think there should be a support group for bridesmaids and until I find one please feel free to leave a comment on what a great friend I am, how unreasonable The Bride is being and how cute the invitations are even if you haven't seen them.


Shelley said...

You are SUCH a great friend; the bride is being UNREASONABLE; those invitations are SO CUTE!

I'll bet there is an online bridesmaid support group out there - if not, you should start one. Or at least a "Bridesmaid Bitch About Their Brides" site - it would be huge, and at least you'd have company!

Those shoes? Look like throwbacks from the 80's. I'd say "what next?" but I'm afraid for you to see what else the bride has up her sleeve!

Monica said...

I just cant believe that! She reminds me of a Bridezilla!

You are a FANFUCKINGTASTIC friend, Bridezilla is being COMPLETELY unreasonable and the invitations were to DIE FOR!!

Do you think your friendship will be the same after this?

Hanlie said...

Loved the invites! You're an amazing friend and she sounds like a real bitch. Honestly, she sounds awful!

Tina said...

You really are a great friend and the invites are awesome! That was really nice of you to do.

I thought I was a great bride because I let everyone pick their own black dress and shoes, had a friend do all the hair and makeup, paid for their rooms (they were cheap!) and didn't make anyone do anything! It should be just as much fun for the bridesmaids as the other guests at the wedding. Even more so! Hang in there. It will be over soon.

p.s. those shoes ARE butt ugly.

Lovebug6100 said...

I am feeling for you....I'm sure you can't wait until this is all over! Hang in there - you're an awesome friend!

Blossom said...

Those shoes are hideous! Don't cave! Tell her your plane ticket & hotel room & dress etc. etc. are already costing so much, you're going to have to limit your spending somewhere.

Christine said...

Those are terrible shoes. Holy crap.

And there is a website called Etiquette Hell that has a lot of stories you might find comforting.

Hang in there - it will all be over soon.

Gigi said...

You are too good for this person. Love the invites, love your loyalty but screw the bride. And the shoes? Was she dropping acid? Yeah, you'll be able to wear those again ... when "Soul Train" comes back on the air.

Hang in there. We're always here for a good bitch session.

Lynn said...

I was a nice bride. I was. I was.

The dresses were nice, simple, and cheap ($75 for a bridemaid dress wasn't too unreasonable) and I helped one of the bridesmaids pay for hers since she gave her money to her boyfriend so he could pay his child support... and I said "Any shoe you want, so long as it's black" and I even paid for them to get their hair done up (of course, the hairdresser was my mom's best friend, so she didn't charge me a ton, but I did pay for that!)

I also didn't HAVE a bridal shower or complain about not having one...

I was nice!

I'm sure the invitations are LOVELY!

H.K. said...

This bride is BRIDEZILLA! I can't believe how much she's making you guys pay for. Can you send her an email and let her know how you feel?

$75 for shoes, is too much. At least the last time I was in a wedding the bride picked out shoes from Payless, but they were 4 inch platform heels!

MaryFran said...

You have totally gone above and beyond with this wedding!!!

MackAttack said...

Wow. What a Bridezilla! I would totally go to etiquette hell, it has gotten me through my bridezillas!

SeaShore said...

Time to start giving her some gentle "no"s before she tells you all to buy matching diamond earrings for yourselves and you explode on her!

I second Etiquette Hell as a means to vent and comiserate!

Juice said...

Ugh - those shoes are not attractive. Hold your ground and say no to those! And the invites were SO DARN CUTE! Where did you get the idea for that????