Friday, May 1, 2009

This is Me

I really didn't have much to bloggy about today so I thought I'd come up with one of these list thingys that I always find fascinating and fun to read.

1. I love the smell of vinegar and gasoline
2. I hate the smell of roofing tar
3. I wish I could buy a half a loaf of bread instead of whole loaves
4. I wear black almost every day
5. I’ve traveled to 21 different states
6. I’ve traveled to 19 different countries
7. I travel someplace I’ve never been every year. I’ve done that for as long as I can remember
8. I once lived in Hawaii
9. I prefer pools to the ocean
10. I live in the same town where I was born
11. I think my old boyfriend is gay
12. I’d rather have a cheese plate for dessert rather than a slice of chocolate cake
13. I prefer cats to dogs
14. I read about 2 books a month
15. I wish I were a writer
16. I have 2 shampoos, 1 conditioner, 3 soaps/scrubs and 1 face wash in the shower right now
17. I use all of them and rotate them around
18. I don’t like really scented things
19. I wear Fresh “Cannabis Rose” perfume
20. I rarely wear makeup
21. My favorite lip color is “O” by MAC
22. I am 43
23. I am a Virgo, and act like one
24. I was born in the Chinese year of the Snake
25. I love Etsy
26. I hate the term “Playdate”
27. I also hate the term “date night”
28. I think Valentine’s Day is totally overrated
29. I rarely listen to music on the radio
30. I listen to NPR
31. I don’t necessarily believe in God but do believe in a spirit/higher power
32. I believe in Karma
33. I believe family is who you make it, not necessarily who you are born related to
34. I try and see the good in every situation
35. I am not patient, at all
36. I have several really close friends
37. I love to go to the movies by myself
38. I love movie popcorn
39. The last movie I saw at the theater was Slumdog Millionaire
40. I love to play games
41. I belong to a reading group that has been together for over 10 years with almost all the same women
42. I also belong to a “drink club” started 3 months ago with 2 other couples and their kids
43. I believe in first impressions
44. I feel as though I have a good sense and can read people pretty well
45. I’m often wrong about it though
46. I don’t like being too hot, or too cold
47. I don’t drink caffeinated coffee
48. I believe most people are good
49. I think hard work pays off
50. I believe in true love


Christina said...

I love your list. Gives us all a better visual of who you are!! :)

I think you're pretty cool!

Aleta said...

I like this list, but really ~ you love the smell of gasoline? And I’m trying to do # 7 as well, travel where I’ve never been unless Greg hasn’t been there before. Any places you’d recommend for Hawaii? Maybe next year, that can be a destination… And the ending to your list, # 50 is perfect.

TJ said...

cool list :) Etsy rocks! love it!


Monica said...

This is awesome! I love how sure of yourself you are, you seem like you have lived a "No Regrets" life.

Mind if I post a blog entry like this? I'll totally give you credit for the idea!

Hanlie said...

Great list! It's nice to know these things about you... I nodded "ditto" at quite a few of those...

new*me said...

that was so cool. I hate the term playdate too!!! I may have to do that on my blog this coming week. I have felt slightly brain-drained when it comes to blogging lately.

Angelina said...

Sounds like you have travelled to some awesome places!

I hate those lame terms, too.

Gigi said...

I really enjoyed your list and getting to know you a little better. Maybe your wish to be a writer could start with a story around #41 - sounds like some great potential.

ani pesto said...

Love your list! Cheese plate over chocolate though? really?? *sigh*

Teresa said...

know we know a bit about you. You have traveled alot of places. We try to go to different places every year too. Have a good weekend.

Asianmommy said...

Really? Vinegar & gasoline?
I like the smell of chocolate! :)