Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm A Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger as of late. To me, writing and posting is only part of blogging. The other component is reading and commenting on what everyone else had decided to share with the world. And that’s where I’ve come up short the past couple of weeks. I blog at work. And when work is busy, my fun gets pushed to the side. Lately in my work world, I’ve been busy. Really busy. I work partially on commission which means when I get the opportunity, I need to really push. I wish I could easily flip my priorities and blog more and work less, but that’s not a possibility right now.

So seriously people, I want to thank you all for sticking with me, reading and leaving your precious comments, even when I’ve been so bad about getting to you all. I want to tell you I will get around to the hundreds of posts lined up in my Google Reader, but I won’t. I want to tell you I will be back to commenting soon, but I won’t. I want to tell you things will get slower at work, but they won’t. I’m not sure when this title wave of work will recede but when I do, I’ll shift again into being a better blogger.

In the mean time, my shout out of the week goes to Gigi at Chunky Monkey Mama who makes me laugh. She left this comment:

I'd have the little darling's eyes tested.

after reading this post.

That was brilliant.


Hanlie said...

You get to a point where you know you're never going to catch up with your Google reader and you're just going to have to start from scratch. Don't worry about it - I'll let you know if anything earth shattering happens, like me getting under 300 pounds. Oh wait, that happened this week! Other than that, you haven't missed much!

I'd love to say that I hope things calm down soon, but since you're earning commission, that would just be rude!

Teresa said...

Your to funny not to keep reading. We all get caught up in our jobs from time to time. Life actually depends on it, literelly. Do what you gotta do and we'll be waiting for your next post.

Try not to work TOO hard.

Sagan said...

No worries! That's the way the blogging world- and life- works :)

a corgi said...

in these tough economic times, if you have a chance to make money over blogging, although it is hard to give it up, I'd choose work. I always tell people "journals will always be here; and sure enough they are; they never go away; they seem to multiple


Gigi said...

We're with you all the way and will always be tuning in. Many thanks for the shout-out - I can only hope I'm worthy.

AnaVera said...

Work it!!! I'm commission at work, too, and even took a paycut, so you know I'm all about being a hustler now. Have you ever heard Beyonce's "Diva?" That's my work song: "A Diva is a female version of a hustler" LOL. Be a bad blogger - that gets her bills paid :)

Miz said...

totally why I dont have a reader.
I need another todo list like I need the proverbial hole in my head.