Thursday, August 13, 2009

Todays Post Brought To You By the Letter F

The scene from last night:

She saw the others I was making for the other kids.

“I want one Mama, with an F on it.”

“OK sweetie, I’ll make one, just for you.”

Since I finished the others shirts last night, I got up early to have hers ready before she woke up.

Scene from this morning:

“Hide your eyes, I said.”

She closed her eyes, and asked, “can I open them now?”

“In a second.”


“Yes, now.”

Stare. Blank. Nothing.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? An F?”

“No, mama, I wanted a T. I don’t want an F. And I didn’t want polka dots.”


“I wanted a T. I don’t want an F. And I didn’t want polka dots.”

“Seriously? So you don’t want this one? This one, that I got up early to make? Just. For. You?”


“So really, you don’t want it?”


“So, I can give it way to another girl whose name starts with F?”



So… if any of you out there know of a girl who wears a 4T and her name starts with an F, let me know.


Hanlie said...

F for fickle!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Too funny! You just dialoged my life - daily.

Val said...

Sounds exactly like something my daughter would do!!
Perhaps a D for diva? ;)

Aleta said...

You were so sweet to do that and make it a surprise. What a shame. Darn, I wish I knew an "F" girl. Do you make them for women too? :-)

destinationathlete said...

That sounds soooo familiar, and my little Miss isn't quite close to a 4T yet.

I agree with Hanlie - F for fickle, or Val - D for diva!!

Nancy B. Kennedy said...

And the moral of the story is... never get up early for any reason!

Asianmommy said...

Oh no! & it's so cute, too.

Sagan said...

What Hanlie said.

It's a cute shirt, anyway!

Emmett said...

Love it, cute shirt!

Carolina Girl said...

hahaha! Gotta love kids...honest as the day is long. Cute shirt though!