Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bite Me

I’m starting something new today. Something I’ve been putting off for probably a year now. Something I’ve never done before and something I know a lot of you are doing. And something I’ve quite frankly been afraid to do. Afraid to do it because I’m scared of the truth.

Today, I write my food intake down. Augh. I’ve done this with the money I spend and have found huge gaps in what I think I’m spending and what I really am spending. It’s helped me be more conscious of where the money is going and has helped me focus on spending more wisely. I have a feeling that is what is going to happen with my food diary. What I think I eat is probably far different from what I actually eat. It’ll be interesting to see.

I promise not to bore you daily with all the details of what I am eating every day but, today I'll bore you just a little. So far this morning:

½ turkey sandwich. Whole wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mustard
½ decaf coffee, 1 tablespoon cream

And almost more importantly what I didn’t eat (and maybe I should keep a separate list of this) a brownie from the tray of The Little Miss and I baked up a couple nights ago.


Teresa said...

It helps, but I sometime cringe when I type it all. I like it because I can come back and see what worked and what didn't.

Monica said...

That picture better be framed! That is ADORABLE, PRECIOUS, LOVABLE, CUTE...!!

Food journals are awesome. Put some pictures of yourself in there that you dont like.

MB said...

Food journaling works great until I binge and then start tearing pages out of frustration.

I think it's a great idea to keep a list of things I didn't eat. They may be the way to go.

I love the picture. She is adorable.

Shelley said...

Keeping a food journal helped me a lot - most days, I would plug in everything that I was planning on eating in the morning to see where I was, calorie-wise, and what adjustments I needed to make. I use - it's pretty uncomplicated, which I need, lol!

Another plus is that when you have to put in a bunch of stuff you probably shouldn't have eaten, it is RIGHT THERE - no avoiding it.

Hope it helps!

P.S. The picture is adorable - TLM is such a cutie!

Hanlie said...

That picture is totally adorable! Really cute!

Wendy said...

she is too cute!

Gigi said...

Slathered in chocolate - is there anything better?

Angie Eats Peace said...

Ugh. I have such a love/hate relationship with food tracking.
I despise the meticulousness (is that a word?) of it, but it is the only thing that gets the weight off, for me.
Best of luck!

Aleta said...

It's a daunting task to write it down. Kudos to you and best of luck. And, THAT was an adorable picture.. good will power to not eat the brownie!!! Greg wouldn't have been able to resist. Brownies are his favorite (he can't eat them because of diabetes though)

Sandy said...

At Weight Watchers, they tell us to make certain we record all the BLT's. That would be bites, licks, tastes.... Surprising how I always forget about those when I'm cooking or baking. Calories. They do add up.

Larkspur said...

Yes, it's those extra squares of dark chocolate or two bites just-for-fun that seem to keep me stalled.

Asianmommy said...

She's adorable!