Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Groundhog Day Around These Parts

Yes, I’m here. Still around, but not much is happening, which makes blogging a little challenging.

I feel like my life is groundhog day. Same thing. Every. Single. Day.

Wake up.

Get up.

Get The Little Miss Up.

Listen to some whining, by everybody in the family.

Get breakfasts going.

Make lunches, while The Husband and The Little Miss eat.

The Husband leaves.

Clean up kitchen from breakfast and lunch assembly.

Get The Miss Ready for school… peeps, brush teeth, play store so can pick out her clothes, get her dressed, brush her hair, get sock and shoes on, get a sweater.

Make beds.

Get myself ready for the day.

Grab everything we need and leave.

Drop The Little Miss off at school.

Talk to her teacher for a bit.

Talk to the other parents, pretend to be interested while keeping one eye on the clock so I’m not too late for work.

Drive to work.

Plunk myself down in my cubicle, the same jail cell, I’ve been in for 15+ years.

Work my ass off.

Wish that I had time and something interesting to blog about.

Spend 4 hours at work, doing pretty much the same thing I’ve been doing for 15+ years

Go pick up The Little Miss from school

Run errands.

Get home.

Fix dinner.

Wait for The Husband

Fix dinner for The Little Miss since she’s hungry and wants to eat.

The Husband gets home.

Have dinner

Clean the kitchen.

Get The Little Miss ready for bed.

Put her to bed, kicking and screaming.

Plunk down on the couch for a breather.

Get my second wind.

Sew, craft, make jewelry or something creative.

Take a shower

Crawl into bed


Sleep, for 6 hours.

Get up and repeat.
That’s been my life for the past several weeks. Nothing new to report, but I’m still here.


Gigi said...

I feel your pain. Laughed out loud about the "pretending to be interested" remark tho.

There must be something in the air as - maybe the approaching winter - that's got a lot of folks down these days. Hope it gets better for you.

Shelley said...

Same ol', same ol' - but hey, it sounds like a pretty nice life with the exception of the jail is always messin' with us, no?

Glad you checked in!

Cammy said...

'Being here' is a very good thing, from my POV. :) Wishing you smoother days ahead...

Hanlie said...

I think it's called "real life". It's still good!

FollowMeDown30 said...

Wow-this could have been me writing this. I guess I would rather be routine & mundane though than some crazy drama some people face daily.

And what is up with the kids screaming nightly before bed? Drives me crazy! Hello-nothing new child-you sleep-Every. Single. Night. Grrr

Anonymous said...

So what's your plan to escape the cubicle? Sounds like that is what is really sucking the life from you. A good job (even if you make less money) is worth it.

Been there, done that, making less, laughing more!

MizFit08 said...

GHD here always as well.

though its always far far more interesting when it's someone elses day.
mine is MIND NUMBINGLY boring...

Asianmommy said...

It's wash, rinse, repeat around here, too. :)