Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bounty

Thursday’s are the day I go pick up my produce box from the local organic farmer. I’ve been doing this program since August and I split the goodies with a friend of mine. We paid $1000 ($500 each) up front for the year, which I know sounds like a butt load of cash-o-la, but if you break it down, it comes out to be less than $10/each a week, $9.62 to be exact.

Here’s the haul we got to split this week.

2 bags of salad mix
2 bags of spinach
1 bag of arugula
6 eggs
2 bunches of carrots
1 bunch of kale
3 onions
1 bag of snow peas
1 bag of snap peas
2 peppers
1 bunch of leafy greens I had never seen before

It’s all super delicious, super fresh and how spoiled am I that in the middle of winter I can be so blessed to have such a bounty.


Val said...

That is brilliant. I would love to fins something like that around here. What a haul for less than 10 bucks!

Wendy said...

that is awesome! environmentally friendly and delish!

Meredith said...

I am now looking into something similar in my area. I think $500 isn't bad for the amount that you're getting and the good your doing for the environment and your body.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

I am jealous. I want some of that bounty.

Hanlie said...

It just makes sense on so many levels, doesn't it? I wish we had something like that in my area!

She-Fit said...

sounds like you hit the jackpot on all the produce! Sounds like a place I would love to have around here

Cynthia said...

Fabulous! I need to see if there is anything like this in our area. Though I suspect if there is, it doesn't go through winter, when I need the fresh produce the worst, sigh. I am jealous!

Sagan said...

That's sounds WONDERFUL and I agree, it's a very good price. Mmmm.

Aleta said...

Those look delicious!

Jane. said...

Your produce looks so good. I miss my CSA! It wasn't the best one I've seen, but it was mine. I'm on a list for one here, but even though I've given them my email twice, they've never sent me the application.

Asianmommy said...

Not bad for $9.62!

Stephanie said...

That's an incredible price for local organic produce. How wonderful!
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Alexia said...

Those fresh veggies look so good!

Jesus said...

mmmmm yummy great idea!!!!

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