Friday, May 2, 2008

Food For Thought

These questions were inspired by her...thanks for making me think about what's going on.

1. What types of food were you most likely to overeat?

Pretty much anything that's not a fruit or vegetable, I don't discriminate. I love cheesy things, crunchy things, fried things, salty things, sweet things, you name it. I've been known to sit down with my friends Ben and Jerry, eat a whole sleeve (or more) of Thin Mints, go through a whole block of delicious cheese etc... I can't really say that I'm more likely to overeat a certain food, I just plain overeat.

2. What times of day did you overeat most often?

In the evening. I tend to eat more when I'm at home and hanging out. I also tend to overeat or make poor food decisions after a drink or two, which for me is always evening, but not every night.

3. What feelings were you having most often when you overate?

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. While I'm eating something that I know I shouldn't be, I generally feel guilty. Once I'm done, it's remorse. Why did I do that? or I can't believe I just ate that. Then I feel pretty helpless... why did I just do that? I can't believe I just did that, that was stupid. Was eating that a good idea?

4. Do you think you have a binge eating disorder?


5. What circumstances in your life do you believe contributed to your weight gain?

Laziness. Complacency. Feeling like I needed to put other peoples needs in front of my own. I have a daughter that's two years old, and for the past couple of years I feel as though I've been in a haze and putting her schedule and needs first. For anyone that is has kids, it's a major change and culture shock to have kids. I just now am feeling like I can take a step aside and carve out some time to exercise and taking a better look at what and how I'm eating.

6. Do you 'blame' anyone for your weight?

No one but myself. I take full responsibility for it.

7. What other behaviors made you overweight?

Apathy. Not really caring enough to do something about it.

8. Were you active or exercising while you gained weight?

No. Simple as that.

9. What made you finally want to change?

I'm now a mom. I want to look hot for my husband and live longer for my daughter. In a vain sense I want to be a pretty mom. I want my daughter to think I'm pretty. I also know I feel better, have more energy and have a better outlook on things when I'm not being weighed down, literally and figuratively.

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