Monday, May 5, 2008

Thoughts and Things

It's back to Monday. The weekends are so glorious, a time to refresh and dream about what life would be like if I really didn't have to work. I took long long walks, gardened, played and did things things that I wanted to do. It was my time, my time with my family and the time I enjoy the most.

The Husband and I have been talking a lot about our life and really needing and making it a priority to find more time to spend together and spend more time with TLM as a family. I think with TLM turning 2 years old and the fact that she's starting pre-school on Friday (sigh) it really put it into perspective that we need to make our lives and dreams happen. We would both love to find a way to be the ones that drop TLM off at school every morning and pick her up from school in the afternoons. We want to be the family where other parents call is to help out to drop off/pick up as needed, because they have to work and we have the time. As it is now, we will be having "the nanny" do that for us and that doesn't sit right with me. TLM loves her nanny and she is more than willing to help out (read: get paid) but is it right to have to hire someone to take your child to/from school?

We've have an idea to make a huge life change, something that we both want. Something we've been talking about every night for weeks, something that we're both dreaming about, something we've been researching and something that maybe one day will happen. It's going to be a long process, something that might end up being a pipe dream but something that I'm willing to let my mind wander into that space of where I want my life to be.

Bottom line is we need to make some changes, it's scary but it something needs to be done. This is our one shot at our life and we need to take action.

Speaking of changes, on the weight loss side, things are happening. I've dropped another 2 pounds this week and according to the CDC website, my new BMI calculations have gone from obese, to plain ol' overweight. Yeah, I'm overweight!


Hanlie said...

Nice post! You're right of course. You have to LIVE the life you want - it won't happen by itself.

And well done on getting into the "Overweight" range! That is huge!

40 by 40 said...

Hey!! congrats from moving into the overweight category!!!! That truly is impressive!! I am going to see where I fall now..brb..Ok--I am on the cusp of overweight and obese..2points or whatever and i will join you are overwight!!! I am at 31 and 29 is overwight. You just gave me my newest goal! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!