Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Ever since I committed in doing The Pedometer Challenge, I've been talking walks. I love walking and live in a place where there are great walking paths, so much to see, and the weather is nice all year 'round. There's really no excuse to not to get out.

My crazy schedule is such that I really need to fit in my walk on my lunch hour. Not only is it a chance to exercise, but a chance to get some fresh air and take a much needed break in the middle of my day. I've found it rejuvenates me and helps make the last few hours of work just a little more bearable. The problem is, my friend. My co-worker whom I've eaten lunch with basically, every single day for the last 5 years just isn't of the same mindset and I'm having a hard time breaking our lunch routine. There have been days in the past few weeks where I've made excuses to not lunch together so I can walk, I've invited her to come with me and I've even asked that we walk just a few extra blocks after our meal so I can get a just an itsy-bitsy stroll in but none of those solutions seem to be working for her. For some reason I'm having a hard time just telling her that we're kinda sorta breaking up.

I know in my gut, it's ok to do what I want to do and what's best for me. I'm just having a hard time telling her "sorry, I'm out for lunch today because I'm walking." I'll miss our every day lunch date, but I need to walk and I promise, I'll still save some days to lunch with her because I'll miss her.


Alli said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I had this same problem with a co-worker a few years ago. I think the best thing to do is just say in the nicest way that you need to start walking because it makes YOU feel better and that you would love it if she would join you but this is something you have to do for yourself. Then leave it in her court... do what YOU want to do. Life is too short to worry about getting others on board =) I know its easier said that done sometimes when the other person doesnt react well but try and remember this is what YOU want to do and there is no reason to feel guilty or apologetic about it.

Hanlie said...

Alli is right. Your first responsibility is towards yourself. It is hard to break old habits, but I really believe that this journey is about more than just eating right. It's about changing the habits that have kept us fat in the past and living the habits that will get and keep us healthy. You can't be thin and healthy if you're living the lifestyle of a fat person.