Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Breakup Update

It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I told my friend yesterday I would be walking more at lunch and that I'd be out hitting the pavement for sure the next two days. I saw that look of disappointment in her face and she of course played the martyr/guilt card, "well then, I guess I'll just work through lunch." Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. I asked her if she wanted to join me and when she said she couldn't, claiming a sore knee, I was secretly happy about it. I've noticed I really enjoy taking the time to myself. It's really the only time during the day that is M. I. N. E. Other than my shower in the morning or my 6 minute commute to and from work in the car, the rest of the day is filled with work, family, friends or other miscellaneous commitments. My job, which often means dealing with really stupid and irritating people, or after work it's family time, which yes, I totally LOVE but it's not time I can think, reflect, work out challenges in my life and just have some quiet time. It's amazing the places my mind travels when I just let it go, when my body is on auto pilot, the sun shining on my face and the rhythm of my feet take over. I'm totally over the guilt and I'm super happy with the decision and it's going to be good for me on both physical and spiritual levels.

On another note, after my lovely solo walk yesterday I went to my favorite sandwich shop to get the standard 1/2 sandwich (generally turkey but sometimes roast beef), whole wheat bread, no mayo, no cheese, extra Dijon mustard, extra onions (yes, I love me some onions), lettuce and tomatoes...totally delish. Well I took one bite of it and to my happy surprise they put on the mayo. Tell me that wasn't the best little taste treat ever! OMG!!! Mayo = Heaven. I know that was a one time deal but that is certainly one mistake I wouldn't mind if they made again.


Hanlie said...

I could quite happily never have ice cream again. Mayo is a different kettle of fish. I love the stuff and I force myself to read the list of ingredients when I crave it! I must try making my own, organic, preservative-free mayo!

Alli said...

I am so glad you stood up to your lunch buddy! Its such a great step on to the better you!! Way to go! Enjoy your walk... you totally deserve it.

Ready to Shrink said...

I gotta say I love Miracle Whip on my sandwich. I normally put dijon mustard on it but I did my old miracle whip and was in heaven like you said. So much so that I have made a change up in my points (just needed to find 2 more) to alot for my miracle whip.