Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls Are Fun

I'm feeling the need to re-focus, again. I was sick a couple weeks back that got me out of the grove and since then I started walking again and watching the whole food thing, but not with the same vigor that showed me results. I haven't gained but I haven't lost any weight so basically, it's been a wash. Then, this weekend happened.

A went to a friend's all girl dinner party, and not an ordinary dinner party I tell you. There were 6 girls and we did a, wine-tasting (read: many bottles) with our appetizers, which totally rocked, especially those new red potatoes stuffed with sour cream, blue cheese and bacon, and prosciutto wrapped shrimp, and did I tell you about the gourmet cheese and cracker spread? oh hello... it felt like I was just slathering the fat back on me. We did the "blind" tasting with the appetizers and whoever brought the bottle the group liked best, by show of hands, won a prize, unfortunately, that wasn't me. After sitting there for a couple of hours nibbling away, oh those potatoes, and drinking, we proceeded with more wine and dinner. Salad, lasagna and garlic bread, need I say more? Oh and let's not forget, dessert which was of course dessert wine, ice cream and cupcakes.

We had such a great time, we talked about our intimate issues which, as a group, we're dealing with, divorce, weight, raising our kids, husbands, relationships, caring for our aging parents, siblings etc... everything. We all have issues and we were all looking for advise and more than that, support. Just to know we aren't alone in our challenges is huge. We have our families to go to but we also need friends and girlfriends offer an ear and perspective I often don't get from anyone else. And best of all we talked without judgement, with talked with care and spoke with respect for each other. Magic happened, the magic that happens when it's only the girls. I was once again reminded that women are smart, strong and extremely caring. There's something about us women. We are a force and we should all be reminded at how powerful we all can be.

The night ended with us plugging in the dance mix and all the girls shaking our money makers like we were teenagers again. All I have to say is, girls are fun.

So here is Monday, back to the program, back to the daily grind and back to reality. A night without The Husband and TLM were great. I was happy to see them the next day but realized I really need to focus again, get my mind on right and make things happen. Although it's been really warm the past few days, as a start, I've committed to a walk at lunch. Wish me luck this week.... I'm off to read your blogs to perk up even more motivation when I hear about all your successes.


Scale Junkie said...

Sounds like exactly the kind of weekend you needed after last week. Today is a new day, jump right in there and live life!

Anonymous said...

"I haven't gained but I haven't lost any weight so basically, it's been a wash."

Well if only I hadn't gained during the past few months I have been lounging around on my big fat ass I wouldn't now be weighing in at 320 lbs and seeking my own "last chance saloon".

I liked your blog about your night in with the girls discussing "issues" although to me (a permanently sad singleton still on the shelf at 40) I don't see having a husband and kids as issues -- to me they would be positives.

Yeah, I know they must have their own drawbacks from time to time, but my issues stem from NOT having relationships, having constantly been TOO FAT (and too unconfident) since my teens to attract men and relationships.

I will be dealing with my 'issues' in my blog over the next few weeks.

Glad to find another blogger who only started in 2008, as I only created my blog 2 days ago (woohoo!).

Best wishes,

Thinking Thin said...

It seems to be going around, the lack of focus or should I say the lack of enough focus. But this is a new week, and darn it we are going to find the mojo to make this work!

Allison said...

Your girls' dinner party sounds like it was so much fun! I'm sure the dancing y'all did worked off the food anyway. :)