Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Introducing Pedro

Ever since I did Fat Bridesmaid's Pedometer Challenge, I've been wearing a pedometer. I wore a super crappy cheap one, which I think I got for free someplace. I was content, it counted and that's all I thought I wanted. Then I read this, which got me thinking. Yeah, a nice pedometer would be great. Something that keeps track of more than just my steps. I could track calories burned, distance walked, how many minutes of aerobic exercise I've done, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. And then I got to wondering. I wonder if it's a lot more accurate and would my steps be the same? And then I read this . And then, I was totally all over it. I got me one.

Introducing Pedro.

Handsome devil, isn't he?

And I love him.

And like Allison over at Losing it, I wore both Pedro and my old pedometer for a day and, like her, my step count increased. And not by just a couple hundred or so, but more like 20%, and that my friends, can add up! I have no idea how Pedro works, but this new little wonder has you measure your steps and then you input that information, so it seemed as though it should be more accurate. I did my own calculations by walking around the block, counting in my head and then looking at what Pedro logged and we were pretty much in sync.

Pedro's been clipped to my hip for about a week and we're becoming fast friends. I love going for walks and then checking the step count, distance and all the other fun little facts that he's got in store for me. It can be such motivation. Ideally I'd like to be over 10,000 steps each day and on the weekends I'd like to be closer to 15,000+. So we'll see. The weather has cooled today and is now back in that "perfect" temperature zone so a walk at lunch is in order for me. Maybe I'll even cheat a bit, in a good way, and go for a little longer than my lunch "hour."

Seriously people a good ped makes a difference and you should all run out and buy one. You may need it soon for something (a contest you ask?) I got brewing in my pretty little head. More info on that a bit later.


Sarah P said...

Pedro looks so cool! I would hate to know how much you paid for it ;)

Congrats on getting your steps in! Your doing GREAT!

Hanlie said...

I'm going to try and convince my hubby that I need a Pedro too!

Anonymous said...

I haven't got one but probably should. Am hoping to gradually increase my walking over the next few weeks.

Thinking Thin said...

On the WW board, the guys seem to favor this pedometer but I did read a post yesterday about people having problems with them after about 8 months. So if it starts acting flaky around that time, batteries haven't fixed the problem. It was time for a new one.

Congrats on the new toy!

Ready to Shrink said...

Pedro totally looks cool. I have a good ped it's accurate and does calories, you program in your weight that is about it thought but accuracy is KEY!

themarlatts said...

Oooo, I just might have to get me one! I have 3 that I have all gotten for free, and they are wildy inaccurate. I bet I can scrounge up an extra 20 bucks....