Thursday, May 22, 2008

This's and That's

Sadly, I don't have much for you today. So if you important things to do, I'd move on outta here and do whatcha gotta do. Tomorrow, however, will be a completely different story...I got something BIG... literally! So check back in tomorrow and bring all your friends with you cuz it's gonna be good.

Here's what's going on in my world today.

1. Yeah for David Cook. I'm happy. But, can I tell you I was PISSED last night! I started watching after the show was over, because my handy DVR had taped it for me, and I could easily speed through the 83% of the show which I didn't really care to watch. I got to the end of my recording, the recording stopped but the show didn't. The guy with the envelope had come out, Ryan and The David's were standing there and poof... end. of. show. Done. Gone. Bu-Bye. I don't like you Fox, for letting (or scheduling) the show to run late. Don't you know, you really shouldn't leave a girl hanging like that? I had to get on line at 11:15 last night, way past my bedtime, just to find out who one, cuz it would've bugged me all night if I didn't know. Then, this morning I went and watched, this. I feel better now.

2. I've got another cold. I'm so over being sick, I'm just going to ignore it this time and maybe it'll go away.

3. I paid $4.07 for gas yesterday. Bite me Exxon, I hate you.

4. It's coming up to the long Memorial Day weekend which also means, summer Fridays at work. This is 1 of the 3 good things about working here. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we only work 4 hours and get paid for all 8. I'll try to complain less about work because, this is a good thing.

Have a good day everyone and remember, make sure you check back in tomorrow for my "BIG" announcement.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Idol link, I taped it on DVR to watch later, but didn't set it for additional time. Hope you're feeling better! Will check in tomorrow!

Alli said...

My DVR does the same shit to me!!! OMG PIsses me off. Stupid crappy cable company.
Uggg gass sucks major azz. We also have a disel car-- they raised disel 10 cents in a day here this week. I wish I lived closer to work so I could walk =). Maybe I would look cute on a vespa??

Sarah P said...

Everyone's DVR did that because dumb FOX let it run over... I think they just like to mess with us! :( I can't wait until your announcment.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, a "big" announcement, very intriguing!

I only popped over to your blog to let you know that I have now blogged about "David Darling", which you said you were interested to hear more about a day or two ago!

It is a rather LONG blog (woops!).