Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little is A Lot

Sorry I've been kinda a lousy blogger lately. With the 3 day weekend, my heavier than normal workload this week and lack of anything interesting happening, the past week has been a bit light on the content side.

Here's a couple random things I've over heard in the office lately that just made me want to scream.

1. "I know, I've been trying to gain weight. I want to put on 5 pounds but I just can't seem to do it."

2. "She'd be a totally hottie if she just lost some weight."

I don't know what one made my blood boil more, but thinking about it now, I'm going with #2. Even worse, the guy who said it is my boss. Which one makes your blood boil more?

On another note, as of this morning, I am officially down 18 pounds, 3.5 more little ticks until I'm 1/2 way there. I set a goal of losing 43 pounds which would put me at an even number and 15 pounds lighter then the day I got pregnant. It might seem like a rather random number but I remember feeling heavy at my pre-pregnancy weight and wanting to drop 10-15 pounds back then. When I started, I was classified as Obese on the BMI Scale and that just didn't seem right or possible. How did I get obese? I have since moved into the overweight category, when I'm at my goal weight, I'll be classified as "normal." I wonder what it likes to be normal? And why do they call it that? Just a thought.

The past week I've started getting The Question, "Have you lost weight?" I can't help but smile when I hear those pretty little words. I can tell the difference. I could feel the difference when the first pound was shed. But now it seems like other people are beginning to see the difference and that makes me a happy girl. I, of course, play it off and say something like, "oh, maybe just a little." I've never been one to play up my personal successes but to me, this little is a lot.


Sagan Morrow said...


For me, its the second one that infuriates. That's cruel. As for the first one, I know a girl who is underweight and anemic and she's trying to put on weight; she eats steak and drinks a lot and eats fast food but can't seem to gain the weight... its frustrating that there's actually people like that out there, but she IS trying to increase her iron supply (although her overall health can't be good with that kind of diet).

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I loved it when people noticed my weight loss. Congrats, those compliements are what keep us going!

themarlatts said...

It's exciting when people start noticing, isn't it? I know you're doing this for yourself, but its great when all the hard work is acknowledged!


Jayme said...

congratulations on your compliments!!

keep up the great work and thanks for reading my blog:)

Anonymous said...

All these "skinny bitches" who complain they can't put on weight? Let me help you, you fools -- let me introduce you to my "old style" eating habits -- cake, crisps, fries, chocolate, more cake, pizza, etc etc !!!!

Yes I hate number 2 as well and have kinda mentioned it in my blog today as well (things I am fed up of hearing said towards me).

Best wishes,

40 by 40 said...

WOWOWOWOOWOW--18 lbs! That is AMAZING!!!!!Congrats!! Hugs! You are doing great! I am glad you are getting compliments...well deserved. That BMI thing is so interesting..I am on the border of obeese and normal and I like the idea of setting a goal for myself to hit normal. Have a great weekend!! I will catch up on your posts and check out your challenge!!! Can't wait to catch up!

Alli said...

Compliments are the best!!! OMG i HAVE NEVER heard someone say tehy were trying to GAIN weight before. That would totally make me do a HUGE eye roll. =) Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

i can understand your frustration as you are trying to lose weight to hear about someone complaining about the difficulties they are having with gaining weight, but for some people it is just as hard and frustrating for them to gain weight as it is for you to lose. just like it may be in your best health interest to lose weight, it could be in her best health interest to gain.