Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

One of the questions I ask myself or The Husband almost every day is, "what do you want for dinner?" I get so sick of it and it's an endless source of frustration. I do 99.97% of the cooking in our household. I think in the 4 1/2 years I've known The Husband he's admittedly cooked 4 meals and when I say cooked, I mean BBQ'd something, boiled corn-on-the-cob and bought a garlic bread to put in the oven. And since we just got a new oven, I seriously doubt he even knows how to turn this new one one. Seriously sad. But don't worry, he cleans the kitchen most nights, but even better for me he does 99.97% of the laundry and I mean wash, dry, fold and put away!

In the past I've tried to set a menu for the week, buy what we'll need and be done with it but, each week it seems like plans change, we have friends over, The Husband is working late or something knocks "the plan" off course. Being a very typical organized linear thinking Virgo, it's hard for me to think outside what was suppose to have happened.

Also being a very typical organized linear thinking Virgo, I love having a plan. I like to know what I'll be cooking for dinner. It's just easy and it's one less thing I'll need to agonize over every. single. day. I need to remember the nights that I don't make dinner from my menu plan, for whatever reason, I just need to deal with. I can either take what I was going to make for dinner that night and make it in the next day or two or put it in the freezer for another week. It's not a big deal.

The challenge for myself is to be better at planning menus and be more flexible if things don't work out for dinner that night.

Here's my menu for this week:

Monday: Grilled pork loin, grilled zucchini (from my garden) and brown rice

Tuesday: Chicken tortilla soup and any left over pork.

Wednesday: Orzo with grilled chicken, spinach, feta cheese, pearl tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Thursday: Grilled Chicken and Apple sausage, green beans (also from my garden)

Friday: Going out of town for the evening so who knows what will happen

Saturday: Fish from the local Saturday farmer's market. Probably broiled with ginger, green onions and a splash of soy sauce, brown rice and a veggie from the market.

Sunday: Father's Day BBQ...Tri-tip, beans, corn, salad and whatever else The Husband, doer of the laundry wants.

Whatcha all got cooking this week?


Christine said...

I too, plan the week's menus in advance... however I work until 10 pm most nights so generally if I'm cooking it's for the next day's supper. And sometimes I'm too tired to get it done anyhow.

However, I plan the week's menus in order to buy as little as possible, because we're freakin' poor lately :P

Mon - Lentil Curry
Tue - Chickpea Salad
Wed - Cajun Chicken w/spinach salad
Thu - Turkey Burgers w/spinach salad
Fri - Leftovers
Sat - Leftovers or Farmer's market Fish

How about that, we both get fish at the farmer's market on Saturday! Except our farmer's market is only on every other week.

Sarah P said...

WOW your menu is amazing but me feel lazy!!!! I guess I may have to do the same thing you did... i LOVE the ideas...(although I haven't a clue on how to cook some of them)

Alli said...

That menu sounds awesome. I think we are having Omelets one night, Grilled Boneless pork riblets w/ salad, London broil w/ steamed greenbeans, and then we are going out for Japanese food with some friends one night also.

Allison said...

Wow, that menu sounds so appetizing! Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook. I eat whatever the hubby cooks, or fend for myself. But your dinners sound so good, I might just have to learn how to cook so I can make them!