Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Trip Pit Falls

I love road trips and I can't wait until next week when The Husband, The Little Miss and I are cruising the west on our way to Jackson Hole, WY. We'll be driving for 3 or more days, crossing 4 states and thousands of miles. And I can't wait. Even if I'll have to listen to hours of Dora. On a side note... BackPack if you're reading this, if I have to hear that silly back pack song of yours one more time I may just have to rip you off Dora's back. Sorry for that little rant but all you parents out there, with Dora fans, know exactly what I'm talking about.

Back to the road trip. In my more carefree days, it was an excuse to eat junk food. And even now, in my less carefree days, it still seems like an excuse to eat junk food. This could be bad.

Nothing screams ROAD TRIP to me as much as fast food does. It's hard to think of driving for hours without a stop at Mickey D's. And honestly, McDonald's is pretty much the only fast food I'll eat. Well, besides that and In N' Out, but their fries aren't nearly as delicious. I know I should pack healthy snacks but there something about eating a bag of carrots that just doesn't seem quite as appealing to me as munching on some greasy and salty french fries from Mc Donalds.

My goal is not to stress or worry too much about what may happen on our vacation when it comes to food and exercise. I already know my eating is going to be horrible. I know I won't be able to drink as much water while on the road unless we want to stop every hour. I already know that I won't be exercising for at least the first few days of vacation and I know my body will react. What I also know is that this week is one little hiccup and I'll try to negotiate my way through without too much damage. If I stick to what's been working for me it shouldn't be too disastrous. I've gone on this weight loss journey with the mantra, have what you want, just be careful of how much you eat of it. If I stick with that, I should come out ok.


Allison said...

Your mantra of "Have what you want, just be careful of how much you eat of it" sounds like the best way to handle life in general, and vacation in particular. In other words, if you want pizza, have pizza. Just don't inhale 4 slices like me!

Missicat said...

I so hear you....I always want to "vacation" from my diet also. Allison has good advice (for all of us actually!)

Sagan Morrow said...

I like Allison's advice too. And thats good that you already know what the situation will be like!

Sarah P said...

Have a great time on vacation and when you get back just jump back on the wagon! You can do it!!! :)

new*me said...

you have a very realistic attitude. Enjoy the normal foods in moderation and you should be okay.

Dora is big in our van and home too! My hubby gets so tired of it. The twins love Barney and that drives him even more insane! But, hey, it keeps them happy :)

Alli said...

Hey you know vacations are going to be a part of life we must learn how to handle them. I think you are taking a very level headed approach. Its vacation we are gonna indulge some... its to be expected. I think you are going about it the right way. Best of luck!

40 by 40 said...

Hey, you are already thinking about it and that's a great start. You will be fine..and remember YOU ARE DOWN 25 LBS!! And you'll probably do LOTS of walking, knowing you! Have a great trip! Any news about the thing on your leg?

Irish Mom said...

I hope you have a happy & safe trip!! Remember Micky D's has some healthier options available. I love their fries though, to good to pass up!!

MizFit said...

have FUN over all else as life is simply TOO SHORT to obsess on a vacation.
that said, I have a teeeenie tiny nag :)
lets change this:
I already know my eating is going to be horrible.


Ill just do the best I can while traveling as I know it's gonna be hard. no matter what I do Im not gonna beat myself up over it.

xo xo,


Christa said...

I think the key like others have said is to be conscious of what we are eating when we are eating it--note to self: follow your own advice!

Have fun on your vacation :)