Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Checked

I am in the middle the oh-my-god-I'm-going-on-vacation-next-week-and-have-a-shitload-of-work-to-do mode. Going on vacation is hard. Lots of extra work at work and a lot of extra things at home to get ready to leave. My list has been piling up and to add in the mix I've had a couple of doctors appointments this week.

Going to the doctor isn't fun. I really don't like it, but it's important. There are some people out there that "just don't want to know if there's something wrong." I think that is just silly and totally asinine. If there is something that is potentially a danger, I want to know so I have a fighting chance. So every year, I have a list of doctors to go to, a list of tests I get done and so far, things have checked out just fine.

Yesterday I had a super small growth taken out of my leg. The doctor isn't worried and it wasn't "highly suspect." But none-the-less, off it went and I now how a small hole in my leg. If I don't hear from him everything is peachy keen and if there is a problem with it, I'll be getting a phone call. As much as I like my doctor, I don't want to hear from him.

I also, go the results back from my blood work up and all my numbers are in line. I was a little worried about my cholesterol since last year, when I had it done, I had borderline high numbers. My doctor gave me the talk about all the things I already knew, but at the time wasn't doing. Eat more whole grains, fiber, veggies get more exercise.... avoid eating fatty foods, and all that stuff... blah, blah, all know.

I really didn't listen to him and continued on my merry way until about 4 months ago, when I decided to make the change. It was time. And this time my numbers were well within the acceptable range and no lecture.

But still troubling to me is, even after losing 25 pounds, my blood pressure is a little high. I've been on a really low dose medication for about 3 years and I've been able to keep my blood pressure in check. However, this past visit it was high and will have to go in again soon to have him recheck it. In the mean time, I'm going to try and get more exercise and lose more weight. I'm really trying to get off the meds rather then increase my dose.

I have one more appointment this week and the dreaded OB-GYN. Doesn't it seem like there should be a better way to get your girl parts checked? Even after 25 years of going to an OB and birthing a baby, I'm still not use to it. But, you do what you have to do.

The only fun part about going for me this year is stepping on the scale, and that my friends, I never thought would happen.


Christine said...

As soon as John and I are both working I've got a slew of doctors to visit. I don't mind going either - but being Canadian I highly resent needing to pay for it.

Actually I haven't been to the gynecologist in about 3 years. First thing I'm gonna do when I get to Galway, promise!

Sagan Morrow said...

I love going to the doctors, just because I like to know exactly whats going on with my body and what I need to do to keep it in good condition. But we have such a shortage of doctors around here that its really tough to get appointments and get everything checked over. Its unfortunate.

Thats good that your medical stuff seems to be mostly in good order, though! And how great that is that you're happy to step on the scale:)

Gayla said...

I am glad that your bloodwork was good. I will be praying that you continue to get good results. Have a great vacation!!

Pattie said...

I with you: going to the doctor on a regular basis is a good thing. I'd rather know early is something is wrong rather than waiting until it's too late to do anything about it.

Good for you, being happy to get on the scale! I bet your doctor was happy, too!

Did I read in a earlier post that you're going to Jackson Hole? The Tetons are one of my favorite places on Earth!

MizFit said...

here's hoping you dont hear from the doctor at ALL (and more than hoping....VISUALIZING which I so believe in).

have a great relaxing vacation.


new*me said...

that has got to be the stepping on the scale.......I bet the docs are all so proud of you too. Hopefully you can get all your work done so you can enjoy your vacation!

Christa said...

Noone enjoys the pap but we all do it because it's important. My blood pressure is fine when I check it myself but the minute I step in the Dr's office, it spikes--weird. Do you check it yourself?

Mark Salinas said...

Great job keep it up! :)

Live Well said...

Hopefully you won't hear bad news from the doc!! Enjoy your vacation! (I sure need one...)

Anonymous said...

Ewww.. I hate the "girly" doctor. I don't think anyone every enjoys going there!

Glad your bloodwork came out good, maybe your BP is just Dr office induced. There are some people like that. Check it at your local pharmacy and grocery store if they have one of those machines. Good Luck!

themarlatts said...

How exciting about the scale! What a great feeling!

I'm actually avoiding the OB - it's time for my checkup, but I'm too embarrassed to go. I'm actually 5 pounds heavier than I was last time I was there. The embarrassing part of this is that my last checkup was 2 weeks postpartum! It's tough to face up to a whole year of failed weight-loss.

Heather said...

oh yeah...that was me. I left on vacation last week and worked like 12 hour days every day before I left just to take the trip. now Im back, loaded with some extra pounds and a ton of work when I go back tomorrow. hope you enjoy your vacation!