Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do You Want It?

Here's another give-away of sorts, read on.

I've been slowly moving my larger clothes from the dresser to bags which will eventually make their way to a garage sale or a thrift shop. Most of the clothes which are migrating from one place to the next are well worn and quite honestly have seen better days. However, there are pieces here and there which, for some reason, I just never got around to wearing too much. Mainly, I think, because I had my favorites which I was more comfortable in. As I was culling through some more clothes last night, I came across this skirt. I remember buying it on sale at Talbot's a couple weeks before I declared, "That's it. I *have* to lose weight." It fit me at the time but it quickly became to big for me. I must have worn the skirt just a small handful of times.

So, do you want it? If there is anyone who would like it, email me at or you can leave me a comment. I'd be happy to send it on to it's next life somewhere else. It's super comfortable, easy to wash/wear and made of of that lovely stretch denim. If there's more than one person interested I'll do a random drawing.

It's hard to see, but it's a size 16 (which I think is a "generous" 16) and the picture makes it look a little darker than it really is.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, me! Its so cute! That is really nice of you. And a great idea! So many of us are losing weight & can't fit into our current clothing, yet don't want to spend a fortune on new stuff, because we still have more weight to lose... the dilema! you are such a sweetie!!

MizFit said...

that's such a great idea (she ponders thinking of all the SO BARELY WORN/USED stuff in her closet...)

Im not an ebay'er.


Irish Mom said...

What a great feeling to grow out of your clothes!! An even greater feeling to share!!