Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Possible

Sometimes I feel so alone. I know I have wonderful family and friends, I have this network of people whose lives I know about through blogs and I have a supportive base of readers. We're all in this together and I know we are all struggling and having successes together. We say words to pick each other up when the motivation lacks and we all celebrate when things are good. But when it comes to making those choices, we're all alone. We aren't there to hold each others hand and tell each other what to do, it's our inner strength which we rely on and sometimes it's hard and exhausting.

To make this all work for me, it's me that has to get motivated to exercise, it's me that has to make the right food choices, it's me that has to know when enough is enough and it's me that has to put down that fork and step away. No one else can do it for me. It's all me.

This weekend, I was tired. I was unmotivated and I was very ambivalent to my choices. It just seemed like I had had enough of the constant voice in my head saying "do the right thing. is that a good choice? is that the best you can do? if you have *that*, you're going to gain weight." Augh, I was done. Done, done, done. And my weekend was a total bust. I felt guilty most of the weekend, I slept poorly, and I feel very sluggish today.

It was all me. All my choices, all my lack of motivation and I hold myself responsible for it. Even though it was nice to know what was going on, I didn't like it, but did it anyway. I need to remember to be strong, to hang tight and let this weekend go.

My motto this week, and beyond:

It's not Impossible it's I'm Possible.


Alli said...

Defintiely a great motto. So true. We can come here for verbal support but that only gets us so far... we are the ones who make the ultimate choice. Thanks for the reminder!

Mark Salinas said...

Very true...I like to visualize to myself a moment after I exercised. How did I feel? Awesome of course! I like to feel good...time to go! :)

MizFit said...

I love your motto and echo your feelings as well.

for me, right now, it's motherhood not weight loss but it's all the same.

just different questions.

take care,


Sagan said...

Love your motto! You can do this.

Heather said...

so true! at the end of the day, its really just us that is accountable for our actions and no one else. and really, if we cant end up doing this for ourselves, we can never REALLY be successful anyways. we all have our ups and downs and our bad weekends and days when we are just TIRED of the whole diet and weight loss game. but just pick yourself up because the benefits definitely outweigh any negatives that you may feel on a particular day. quiet the negative voices, listen to the positives, and just keep going.

Tony said...

I totally understand the sluggishness and lack of motivation. I'm sick right now, so I feel that way as well.

Thinking Thin said...

I also love the motto! You are very right, we are the ultimate say in what happens. The motivation comes and goes (at least with me) but I have finally gotten to the point to where I can keep my head above water to keep swimming.

working at it said...

I too so often feel that sense of aloneness in those choices. And sometimes it works against me so I eat to fill that lonliness. I am working on remembering how crummy I feel when I do give in and feed the pie hole over indulgently.

working at it said... kind of add to your motto..I saw this phrase in an add for the Olympics. You have everything you need inside you. Good luck!