Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kinda Like the Olden Days

I can't believe the first thing I shoved in my pie whole this morning was a chocolate chip cookie. What's up with that?

Oh well... I'll move forward and call it what it is. A disgusting move. Funny thing is, about 6 months ago that occurrence wouldn't have been anything out of the ordinary. If fact, not only would I have had one chocolate chip cookie, but more likely, several.

It's amazing that's how I was treating my body. I'm glad I'm not back there any more and have made really great strides in the right direction. In in return my body is thanking me. I am no longer as sluggish, no longer as tired and my overall sense of well being and spirit is far better than it was not all that long ago.


Lynn said...

Ha! I know the feeling. I often ate things for breakfast like cold pizza.

Yesterday, I had a real "moment." I wanted to buy my daughter a cookie at the local cookie shop. And they had these "mini-cookies", maybe about the size of a soup can lid. Which is much better than the "normal" cookies, which are about the size of my hand with my fingers spread.

"I'd like 2 of those mini-cookies."

"We don't sell them individually, ma'am. Only by the half-dozen."

"Really? I don't want six cookies."

"Sorry, ma'am."

"Ok, tell ya what. I'll BUY six cookies, and you can keep four of them."

"Are you sure you don't want them, ma'am?" She looks very uncomfortable.

"I'm quite sure. If I buy six cookies, I will eat six cookies, and I certainly don't need six cookies. If it makes you feel better, you can give them away to the person in line behind me."

"Guess it's my lucky day," says the guy behind me.

Allison said...

I used to eat ridiculous stuff for breakfast as well. Like my blog says, I'm trying not to eat like a middle-schooler (with a super-fast metabolism) anymore.
And I agree. The less junk that I put in my body, the better I feel.

Anonymous said...

I too have been guilty of eating before thinking. But the good thing is that you can see the change of eating from 6months ago. Kudos for treating yourself right!

Pattie said...

You've made amazing progress and raised your food consciousness to a whole new level! Good for you!

Christine said... really not like the olden days at all ;)

CactusFreek said...

Hi :o)
Good on you for recognising that the "cookie move" is part of your history rather than your present. It may not seem like it right now, but that's an awesome step forward! Go you! :o)

MizFit said...


my thought was ONE COOKIE.

not so bad!

especially in the morning when you have all day to burn it off!

impressed as, with cookies for me, its hard to STOP at one.


The Baroness said...

I used to go to Starbucks and eat a cheese danish for breakfast...AND wash it down with a Caramel Macchiato. Who would've thought I'd be scarfing egg whites and running 2 miles a day instead of drinking coffee?

My point is: Good for you. It's important to remember, despite your mistakes, how far you've come.

Sara said...

Sometimes I think that our old habits pop up to remind us just how glad we are that we're working to change them...and in the same instant remind us just how easy it would be to revert back to them.

Maybe a cookie for breakfast every once in a while isn't so much a tragedy as it is a gentle reminder that there's value in an occasional indulgence beyond just the "mmmmm" noise after the first bite.

Glad I stopped by to read, I'll be back again!


Christa said...

I'm working on developing an inner voice that will ask me "Is this worth it?" Sometimes that voice is quiet but I find I'm hearing it more often :) Of course it's difficult for it to compete with all the other voices in my head :)

Tony said...

I ate like 5+ cookies at the state fair today lol. You did well :).

working at it said... that story. I'm crazy with that. Sometimes I just want one..ok maybe two..or maybe three..but it's so hard to find things in smaller packages. Plus they cost more. Hate that. Funny story.