Thursday, September 25, 2008

If Anyone is Interested

This was in my email the other day and thought some of you might be interested since, I know there are a lot of you who watch The Biggest Loser.



I know that you've been sharing each step of your weight-loss journey with your blog's readers so I thought you might want to take the fellowship to the next level with a new interactive extension of NBC's The Biggest Loser called, The Biggest Loser League. It's an online weight-loss support network where people can set up (or join existing) teams and complete weekly weight-loss challenges while rooting each other on. Here is the link to the site if you'd like to find out more information:

If you set up a team for you blog, I have Biggest Loser sweatshirts that you could give away to readers that sign up :)

Also, the second episode of The Biggest Loser: Families airs tonight @8/7c on NBC. If you missed the first episode, you can watch it here:

Here are some bonus clips that didn't make it into the premiere:

For more information on the show visit:

Take care,

360i on behalf of NBC


new*me said...

cool! I love BL :) I think Chubby Chick's Christmas Challenge is kind of like a BL ;)

Anonymous said...

And once you get there, look me up and connect with me:

Thinking Thin said...

I have also signed up for it.