Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heidi Klum is Lucky

I felt like I was back in my "clubbing" days, dancing with my eyes closed, letting the music wash over me and moving my body. It was loud enough to feel the vibrations, the lights flashing and putting on a show of their own. Each audience member in a world of their own. Oh, what a night.

The Husband and I went to see Seal last night, in concert at at a small theater, and I loved every minute of it. Where we were sitting, about 6 rows back, the majority of the people were women 40+, who had left their inhibitions at home and were screaming like teenagers. He played to them, capturing the gaze of each and everyone of them. Stares held, in their eyes, just long enough to make them feel just a little bit uneasy. Even I, had my private moment with him, gazing at me, it was just us. Time stood still. There was a brief nano-second where I thought I might ditch The Husband and run off to some exotic island with Seal, but I'm not really sure he's ready to leave his wifey. And then of course, there were the other thousand scantily clad, plastic surgery breasted, nipped and tucked, women that I'd have to beat as I ran off with my new man. Oh well, good thing there's fantasy.

There's something about him I find super attractive and Heidi
Klum is lucky.

Speaking of lucky. Friday night, the first night The Husband and I had the house without The Little Miss in the next room, was, well shall we say fun?
rockin'? loud? or all of the above. I'm ready for the next Little Miss sleep over since I'm newly stocked with fantasies of Seal.

Oh, and the weigh loss thing? Yeah, that's coming right a long too.


Thinking Thin said...

*sigh... a man alone to one's self. Hmm, what I would do with said man. He would be in danger!!! hehe

Christine said...

Heidi sure is lucky :(

Glad to hear everything's going well... I've been wondering what you've been up to!

ptg said...

HK is a lucky woman...everything I've always read about Seal is about how he can really capture you in the moment.

Glad to hear that the "sleepover" was a success...for both of you! LOL

MizFit said...

I have SUCHSUCH a couplecrush on them.

did you see em on oprah?


Sagan said...

Sounds like everything's going great for you! So glad to hear it:)

Hanlie said...

Seal is incredibly sexy! Heidi certainly upgraded when she hooked up with him, since the father of her oldest child is not much to look at!