Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ready to Go

After cruising through a few blogs yesterday I totally realized I needed to get off my lazy ass and get some exercise. So you know what crazy thing I did? I laced up my shoes and headed down to the gym around 3:15 yesterday and got myself a workout.

Let me just tell you how empty the gym was at 3:15. I found parking right in front, and there were only 2 other people in the entire cardio room. It was so nice not to have that weird gym vibe happening and have to sign my name on some list just to use a machine. As I was getting ready to leave at about 4:30, people starting packing the place up so, I'm thinking that time of day just might work for me on a regular basis.

My food thing is still grooving right a long so I'm hoping with this little bump of increased exercise I may just be able to shed a few more pounds.

To keep up my motivation I'm ready to sign up for any challenges people may have going on so If you're hosting something or know of one, if you could pass on the info to me that would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, on getting into the gym! Gotta keep that body moving & grooving!

Challenges?? Chubby Chick has a Christmas Challenge going on. There is a link on my site if you want to check it out... very motivating! =)

Kate said...

Big Girl, if you're looking for challenges, head on over to my page Fabulous @ 50 and scroll all the way to the bottom. There are challenge buttons and community buttons there. My most recent is the Biggest Loser League, which is actually put out by the Biggest Loser, and has a blog community, support forums, and weekly challenges. And of course there are a few blog groups with get fit by Christmas challenges.

:) hope you find something you enjoy :)

Fabulous @ 50

Missicat said...

I so love the gym during off-peak times. I feel like I can take my time and really get to the machines that I want to use, not just what is open. Glad you got to enjoy it too!

ptg said...

I wish I could get to the gym on non-peak times, I'm jealous!!

Great job on getting to the gym - getting here is half the battle, I've found.

I'm also doing Chubby Chicks Challenge - link on my blog as well.

Christine said...

some gyms even have off-peak memberships that are cheaper...

oh, that would be great D:

Allison said...

Way to get to the gym! I've been doing well working out lately...well, in the afternoons. I've sort of dropped my morning walk for the moment.
My new job (which I start on Monday!) will have a more standard schedule, meaning hopefully I can start a standard schedule of working out regularly.
I think the challenges are a good idea. Your challenge certainly motivated me to get walking! Chubby Chick's Christmas Challenge seems pretty popular. I want to sign up, but I haven't figured out what goal I want to set for myself.

Tony said...

I need to get off my lazy ass and go to the gym too. I'm finding it hard to get back into the groove, sigh.