Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just More Nonsense

I have a feeling that September is going to be a total blur. It's started off fast and furious and I don't see an end in sight. I started my new 9a-1p work schedule at the beginning of the month which as been great, except I am freakishly busy at work I don't have ANY time to play. Busy at work = No blogging at work. Since that's where I did most of my blog writing and reading, I feel as though I am quickly loosing touch with everyone. Now that blogging is out for me at work, I'll have to find time in the afternoons to do it when I get home. And so far, my afternoons have been filled with doing complete nonsense.

I now try and do all my errands after work so I don't have to lug The Little Miss around with me, because it really is fun going grocery shopping and wandering around a bookstore with a two year old. I've also had a computer tech-y guy come out to the house to upgrade and work out some kinks in my computer at home. I've gone in search of new prescription glasses, which I successfully found at Costco. And by the way if you didn't read in my previous post, LensCrafters is a TOTAL ripoff and never ever buy glasses there. I ended up getting 2 pairs at Costco for less than $200 and that, my friends, is a deal I can live with. This list of after work craziness goes on, and as of today, going to the gym or exercise of any kind has not found its there.

Weight wise, I'm pretty much maintaining at my 25 pound or so loss. I'm still hanging in on portion control and eating more or less "healthy" foods. I promise, by weeks end, I will start my new exercise regime, which of course will be quickly interrupted because we're heading out of town on Friday and will be back next week. But, a start it will be and I can pick up where I left off. Doesn't that always seem to be the case?


MizFit said...

your life is so like mine... different (my working is eeked in around the Toddler) but so similar as well.

and YES

it's a start and it will give you something to return to when youre back from your weekend!


Heather said...

oh I can definitely relate to the stress! Just hang in there and do your best. Realize that some days arent going to be great days but if its the best you can do, thats all that matters. nothing like focusing on at least maintaining during these times.

Sagan said...

This is so familiar! It really annoys me when my blogging gets pushed back. And now that I've got school again and an online course it'll be a bit more tricky to fit in the blogging and the reading of everyone's blogs every day. Sighs. But we manage:)

Irish Mom said...

I have been out of the loop as well!! I am so glad you are enjoying those "shorter" days!! its so nice working part-time, its like the best of both worlds.
I'll have to check out Costco's glasses, I never knew they had them. I bought glasses recently & hate them!!