Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Weekend

After this weekend, I really need to refocus my energies. The trip was a success on all counts except for the TOTAL binge on food, especially super delicious junk food. It started out as we were leaving town and we hit those shiny beautiful Golden Arches that signify why American dominance is so great. Full bellied with a cheeseburger, fries and diet coke, we continued on our 6 hour journey with the car filled with snacks. Chips, beef jerky, and M&M's being on the top of my snack list. 5 hours into the ride, we stopped for dinner and we indulged in a super greasy pepperoni pizza. Oh delish!!!

I won't bore you all with the gory details but lets just say I'm in heavy detox and have myself a bit of a headache.

This weeks fitness/eating/food goals:

1. To plan my dinner menu for the week
2. Hit the gym or go for walks every single day
3. Water, water, water
4. Eat healthy
5. Throw out the rest of the Oreo cookies before I eat them all


Lynn said...

Man, don't you HATE the fact that it's soooo hard to eat well on trips? I mean, they don't have a Salads R Us fast food place anywhere!

KK said...

Great goals for the week! Good luck!

MizFit said...

Im chiming in with the cartripstruggles as well.

airplane? Im fine.
car trips? something about them makes me LOVE the big bags of fun sized ANYTHING, some good tunes and a vat of diet coke.

Im terrible.

I know.

LOVED your detox phrase.

and you nailed it with the waterwaterwater.


Allison said...

Once you start on a road trip binge, it is so hard to stop! Glad to hear you're in detox now. :)

ptg said...

mmmm...that all sounds SoooOOooooo good. Driving in the car for long distance always ruins any type of healthy eating I might be doing. For whatever reason, that's when I lose it!

Christine said...

Hahahaha I love #5. I'm like that too.

Irish Mom said...

I'll throw away my Oreo's if you throw away yours, K? The kids caught me at a weak moment and they have since forgotten about them, well I haven't!!

Road trips are hard, its so difficult to please everyone!!

Sagan said...

At least your trip was successful in all other aspects! Happy detoxing:)

Thinking Thin said...

Those are great goals for the week. You can do it!

Alli said...

Good luck with teh detox girl! Just think how much better you feel when you are back to the diet grind.

Missicat said...

Vacation usually = vacation from eating well for me too! I second the water, water, water - need to remind myself of that also.
Hope this week went well!

Tony said...

sounds like it was an amazing trip. I always have problems with throwing away food, but being healthy is more important.