Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Net Gain, 35 Pounds

I went out and bought a new scale yesterday. The one I bought last year broke. It wasn’t just the battery needed replacing or it got wet and it shorted out. No, it broke. Rather, I, yours truly, broke it. I stepped on the scale and the plastic broke. How does a scale manufacturer make a scale that a person stepping on it can break the plastic?

We still used the scale since it was practically brand new at the time of the crime. The weight still registered but recently, the crack in the plastic started getting longer and longer and the numbers on the scale started dropping in direct proportion to the length of the crack. Needless to say I know I didn’t drop 30 pounds in a week, although I really did like to see that number on the scale.

So yesterday, I bought a scale and promptly put on about 35 pounds.


Hanlie said...

Holy cow! I had to laugh at that...

It reminds me of the time I was looking at some exercise equipment that included a ball to sit on and I asked the shop assistant whether the ball would hold me. He assured me it would and I gingerly started lowering myself onto it, but paused and asked what the top weight for the ball was. He told me 100 kg (220 pounds). I weighed about 135 kg (almost 300 pounds) at the time, so obviously I got up pretty smartly before the ball exploded with a mighty bang in the middle of a crowded store, sending me rolling along the floor with burns on my ass.

Manuela said...

Scales are Evil!!!

BTW--YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD and I will post about Zumba although I'm afraid that I have no rhythm :)

Tamzin said...

arg! the scale of doom!!

I ginglery get on mine and hope that it doesnt break, for real.


SeaShore said...

Sounds like your scale had a small air bubble or other defect in the plastic that literally cracked under pressure. It wouldn't take much to break it.

At least you know you didn't really gain 35 lbs in one day! I would freak!

Sagan said...

Hehe that's pretty cute.

I'm liable to break anything I touch. The manufacturers just don't know how to make things anymore!

Scale Junkie said...

I had that scale, it was so hard to gain that weight in a second but its better to know the truth about where you stand.

MizFit said...

no wait

thats not me :)

I dont.

Honey Mommy said...

That's funny. I swear my scale is permanently stuck. The numbers never seem to move!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You should complain to the manufacturer!

I'm talking about the new, rude, scale.