Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Busy

I’m not much of a resolutions kind of gal. Sadly, it seems as though it is just a way to set myself up for failure. (I know, wrong attitude, but really.) There are things however, I have in mind that I’d like to do or continue to do this year.

Clean out my pantry. I have canned goods that I must have moved from my old house over two years ago. I know for sure there’s a jar of pickles in there from The Little Miss’ 1st birthday party that never got opened, so that’s getting chucked. I also know there are things lurking in there that will be scary to uncover.

I’d also like to go through all my plastic containers and get rid of the lids without containers and containers without lids. How does that happen?

Another project is going to be switching closets around. I’m not sure how it ended up this way, but part of my things are in the guest room closet and some are in the master bedroom closet. Same with The Husband. I told him last weekend when I was a cranky bitch we needed to remedy that situation. The thing he doesn’t realize is that 85% of each of the closets are full of his things. (That’s using the nice word. I’d like to say crap or shit, but that just wouldn’t be nice.)

Besides cleaning and organizing which is an on-going project, I want to keep up with thank you cards, birthday wishes, downloading pictures, reading blogs, writing my own blog, and find a way to sell some of my jewelry I make and things I sew.

I also want to spend more time with my father, who is getting older before my eyes and who, in the past, I had a rather distant relationship with. Our time together will not be long. I’d also like to try and mend the relationship with my brother. I think that would be a huge gift I could give to my daughter.

I want to be more patient and more present with The Little Miss and also be more efficient with my time.

Also, here is the typical. Eating better, exercising more, drinking more water and losing weight. I have a number in mind and when it happens I will have lost a total of 43 pounds.

Just looking at all that stuff, looks like I’m going to have a busy year. I best take a nap. I’ll get to all my organizing and things later.


Cammy said...

It looks like a lot, but I think you can make great progress in all those areas. They're all interlinked, in a way, and have a lot to do with being in control. That's sometimes a tough nut to crack, so a nap is a good place to start. :)

Hanlie said...

I had to laugh about your comment regarding your husband's crap. My husband had lived in this house for almost 10 years before I arrived and it was hard getting a nook or cranny for my stuff. I recently started going through his stuff and he has t-shirts for every race he's ever run, some of them frayed, paint-spattered and falling apart. Let's just say I now have a large supply of cleaning rags and more space for my stuff!

Those seem like worthy goals for the year. I really believe that we have to have goals... we can't just drift through life. Good luck!

Allison said...

Sounds like you have a great list of goals to work from.
My husband keeps lots of crap as well. But I've been working on cutting down on that.
I recommend garage sales, consignments shops and Goodwill! :)

Sagan said...

Gotta be rested up before you tackle all of that!

I like the part about spending time with your father. Time spent with loved ones is so precious.

Susie said...

I like them all and have very similar ones!!!!! Organize, control, patience, presence,making time for the important people, making good choices..Look forward to hearing you r successes with them .