Monday, March 30, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress...Done

You’ll rarely hear me say this, but I’m glad this weekend is over. I went north to celebrate The Bride’s 40th birthday. It’s her family’s tradition of having a girls getaway weekend whenever it’s someone’s big birthday, which sounds like fun, but in reality for me it was rather tortuous.

I drove 5 hours, met up with everyone for dinner and then cocktails in a really loud bar, got to sleep ( or in my case, not really sleep) squished in a double bed with The Bride (they always share rooms to save money.) Saturday was breakfast and then the dreaded bridesmaid dress shopping. We decided to all get different style dresses but all in the same color, which is a great way to go. I was trying on dresses with her 14 year old niece who is about 5’8, 125 pounds, all legs, with cute little boobs that still stand up. Every time she stepped out of the dressing room I’d hear, “oh, that’s cute. That looks great on you.” Me? Well, I got the “oh, that’s not bad.” I ended up choosing this dress. I really do like the dress even though I think I look huge in it, but then again I think I’d probably look huge in anything. And no, I probably won’t wear it again only because it’s navy, which just isn’t my thing. If it was in black, then yes, I would probably would.

The Bride will tell you that we didn’t get to chat all that much, but I have a feeling she’d say that about most people. The problem? She spent more time texting and calling The Fiancé. Seriously. She called him after dinner, texted him when we got to the bar, which was 10 minutes away, called him in the middle of having cocktails, and then called him when we went to bed which by the way was 3am on the East Coast. I then woke in the morning to click, click click… her texting him again in the morning. It was awful. I can’t wait until they are finally married and don’t really have anything to talk about any more. Just kidding. But really, is all that communication necessary? And I find a bit rude.

The highlight of the weekend was coming home and getting a big squeeze from The Little Miss and hearing her say, “I missed you. I’m happy you’re home.” That right there really makes all the thoughts of how huge I look in a dress and how much someone else is texting seem so insignificant. Kids really do have a way of so easily putting things in perspective.

And one final thought… why are the portions at Cheesecake Factory so ginormous?


May said...

That dress is beautiful!

All that communication is NOT necessary and IS rude!

LOL@run out of things to talk about. Its true.

and thank GOODNESS for Little Miss...I hope the rest of your night went well :)

Shelley said...

The dress is so pretty - you'll look great in it!

Agreeance on the Cheesecake Factory portions - re-dam-diculous amounts of food! But oh so yummy. Luckily for me we don't have one anywhere nearby.

Glad the dress ordeal is done!

Tina said...

The dress is great! Glad you survived. I hate when people can't take any time away from their significant other and have to constantly be in touch. I think people who do that are insecure.

Teresa said...

I really like the dress.

I agree that is rude.

I have never had the cheesecake, THANK GOODNESS.

The little miss has got to have been the highlight of your weekend. Glad you survived without hurting someone.

One week direct diet said...

I too agree that is rude.

Gigi said...

Love the dress. You'll look so classy in it. Better you than me on that weekend outing. Someone would've wound up crying and it wouldn't have been me. Has texting become some form of foreplay now? - even so it was still rude to subject everyone else to it.

Glad the Little Miss was there to welcome you back from wedding hell.

H.K. said...

The dress is gorgeous! I don't I could have handled going dress shopping when everyone is slender.

And the bride was acting rude! Unfortunately there are so many people who don't have cell phone & texting etiquette.

Dina said...

The dress is cute!

Cammy said...

The dress is gorgeous!

So much for a "girl's weekend away", huh? You're right; it was RUDE. (Although I'm sure she didn't mean to be.)

MaryFran said...

I love the dress that you picked for yourself. AND versatile...even though it is not your standard is still nice. I vote you wear it even after the wedding!

cutecynicalchubbygirl said...

The dress, as everyone else has said, is really pretty. you could dye it?

Kids - yes, nothing else matters when they hug you, right?
That's how I feel about my daughter.

Glad you made it through the weekend without smashing the Bride's cell phone - although it may have been therapeutic!

Sagan said...

Brides will be brides, I guess. (Have you seen the movie Bride Wars? Insanity!)

So sweet about the Little Miss!