Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Something Smaller?

I made it through the weekend pretty unscathed. I feel as though I did really well eating wise, considering we had dinner out on Saturday, and a birthday celebration on Sunday. I went for walks both days and really watched what I ate and made good choices on my meals. Lots of veggies, grilled salmon for our dinner out and only one small slice of birthday cake, I even passed on the ice cream.

It's now back to the week and I've got to find some time for exercise. That's really one piece of the puzzle I'm really struggling with. Since I get to work so early, the mornings are for sure out for me. In the afternoon, if I don't have something scheduled, I can easily pack up The Little Miss (TLM) and go for a walk. It's the weeks like this one, which seems to be too typical, where I have something to do almost every day after work. Monday was (another) party for TLM, Tuesday is book club (although I think I'll try and sneak in a walk today,) Wednesday is dinner down South, Thursday a guy I have worked with for years is coming into town so I'll probably go meet him for dinner, and Friday we're off for a long weekend vacation.

I guess I just have to remember to do the best I can and don't beat myself up if I can't do everything I want to. It's going to be a long slow process and all the small little victories and sacrifices will all add up to something big, or in this case, hopefully, something smaller.

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