Monday, May 12, 2008

Doing Right Again...

The past few days I've been pretty much laid up in bed with a zinger of a cold. I could feel it coming on last week and I did my best to deny the fact I had that cold festering feeling. But deny all I want, I got myself a cold.

I think I've made the turn and after basically doing NOTHING the past few days and I'm ready to get going again. I was doing great in Fat Bridesmaid Pedometer Challenge but my chances fettered away as I laid in bed bemoaning the fact that I actually wanted to be out there walking. Sure, it felt great to catch-up on some trashy magazines, because I didn't know that Mariah got married, didn't know what was happening in the wonderfully wacked-out world of Brittney and her knocked-up teen aged sister, but happy to hear that Minnie, Gwen, Tori, Nicole, Jessica and Angelina are knocked-up. It was also great to clear out some room on the DVR and watched hours and hours of Top Chef, Survivor, Brother's and Sisters...and the list goes on. You kinda get the picture of what was happening in my world?

Being lazy and sick does not bode well for my May goals. Basically I've been totally inactive and eating some down home comfort food. I kinda fell into the mode of I feel crappy so I'm going to eat something that might make me feel better. I mean when hasn't Mac 'N Cheese made me feel good? It's been bad. I fell into the same routine, eat bad, feel guilty and then tell myself, it's OK, I won't do it again but alas, it happened again and again.

I need to remember that it's alright and I'll be alright. I need to remember not to be so hard on myself. (Which begs the question, why are we so hard on ourselves? - a whole post in itself.) I'm feeling better today than I have in the past 4 days so it's time again to refocus. I need to work towards my goals. I need to work at being better to my body and to being better to my soul. The past 4 days are gone, today is another day and another opportunity to do right.


Alli said...

Yep whats done is done the only thing you can affect now is the current. You CAN get back on track. You have done it before just remember that. =) Hope you have a great week!

Allison said...

I'm there with you. Fell off the wagon over the weekend, but I'm getting back on track this week. I'm feeling a bit lazy as well, but I think it's just the weather has suddenly gotten incredibly hot. Which I hate. But I hope you are able to get back on track this week, after your illness is done and gone.
I'm glad the pedometer tip helped! I love mine, even though I have yet to get to 10,000 steps.

Hanlie said...

I allowed a flu late in February to derail my fitness program to the extent that I haven't darkened the doorway of my gym since then. And I used to work out for about 10 hours a week! Don't let that happen!

Yay, for the rest though. It really is all a body needs when ill! Hope you get better soon.

Sarah P said...

I am glad your feeling better! We can get back on track together!!!! Let's do this! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. I am off to read as far back on yours that I can ;)